The Kitten And The Video Games

Not only humans love video games. Seems pets also have some fascination for this kind of activity, especially if their owners hold them while playing.

With A Gravy Like That, No One Will Care About The Pie!

There's no turkey without gravy, it goes together since forever. It's hard to nail it, but it's worth as it completes your dish wonderfully.

How These People Knew Their Marriage Was About To Be Over

Do we ever feel when our hearts are about to break irreparably? Does this happen in a heart beat or there are signs? Find out what it took for these people to end their marriages.

10 True Facts About Dracula

Count Dracula might be a fictional character, but there are some similarities with reality and there are some little known facts about the real Dracula that can explain his nasty reputation.

Jeffrey Elliot Learn Us How To Properly Carve The Thanksgiving Turkey!

Our beloved turkey is a must have on Thanksgiving, and it's hard to prepare and hard to carve, as well. This bird needs a lot of care and you don't want to waste all those cooking hours by not carefully carve it.

Cooking Tips To Make Your Thanksgiving Preparations Easier

Sometimes you wish you'd hired a chef to help you out when preparations for this big celebration. But things are not that dark, just give it time and learn this amazing hacks!

Perfect Thanksgiving Drinks You Should Try

Don't forget about the drinks! Even if it would be easier to go with the classics, add a celebration note by including some seasonal ingredients and surprise your guests!

10 Of The Strangest Known Diseases

No one seems to realize the importance of a good health untill getting ill. Here are some of the strangest diseases in the world, in case you forgot to be thankfull for your health.

Awww! A Dog Became A Surrogate Mother Of A Baby Pygmy Goat

Her name is Shadow and is a white German Shepherd that became a surrogate mother of a newborn baby Pygmy goat.

Vampire Burials In Poland, Mystery Solved

Several vampire burials in Poland got the attention of many experts around the world. Now, the mystery seems to be solved.

9 Flying Dogs Or How To Brighten Your Day

Photographer Juliia Christe, from Germany came up with the funniest project. She wanted to capture "men's best friends" in unusual circumstances. The results are, at least, hilarious.

Heart-melting! A Man Gives Homeless People Pairs Of Shoes

Andre McDonnell is the man who donates dozens of shoes to the homeless in New York City. After work, he makes his daily journey from SoHo to Grand Central Terminal and offers a pair of shoes to those in need.

They Fit In A Cup! Cutest, Smallest Animals You've Ever Seen

The smaller they are, the cuter they get! Say it isn't so, after you see these animals!

Bollywood Star Veena Malik, 26 Years In Prison For "Blasphemous TV Programme"

The judge found her guilty for promoting an offending programme that involved the couple reenacting their wedding to "contemptuous" music. She was sentenced to 26 years in prison.

Latest Invention: The Pill That Makes Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate

Christian Poincheval, the inventor of the magical pill, came up with the idea During a dinner with friends. Besides the pleasant smell, the pill is supposed to ease indigestion, too.

Alien Autopsy Photos. Experts Say It's Dated To 1947

Tom Carey, UFO expert, says an agent from a US intelligence agent who operated during the Second World War, gave him the images.

Not For The Faint Of Heart! Romanian Daredevil Climbs A 280-metre Abandoned Tower Without Safety Equipment

When you thought you'd seen everything, something like this comes along and your hearts starts beating faster. A daredevil from Romania recorded his incredible climb of an abandoned, shaky tower with a Go Pro camera!

Incredible Underwater Park

A summer park becomes a lake each spring. It's Gruener See, or Green Lake, located in Austria, a park around a metre deep in the summer.

Trash And Found Objects Transformed Into Art

Street artist Bordalo II finished his latest works. Two giant birds created from painted trash and other objects fixed to a wall.

The Best Worst Way To Wake Up. Disclaimer: It Involves Your Dog

Everybody hates waking up on a Monday morning or worse on a weekend day. But it's slightly more amusing when the one who wakes you up isn't a... human!

Munchkin The Teddy Bear Shih Tzu It's Back!

Remember the teddy bear costumed shih tzu? A new video starring the cutest teddy-dog it's here and it's even more funnier, as Munchkin gets her exercise done at the gym!

She Might Be The Most Creative Mother. Breakfast Never Looked So Funny!

Anne Widya is a mother of five and still got time to be creative in the kitchen, especially in the morning. Her plates are competition worthy!

Latest Beyonce Video Is A Nod To The Ring And American Horror Story

Beyonce finally released the video to her most enticing song yet, "Haunted", featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. By the look of it, the singer really gave way to her twisted fantasies!

A Man Lived For Five Years With A Worm In His Brain

A rare tapeworm lived in a man's brain for four years before. Known as Spirometra erinaceieuropaei, the worm causes inflammation of body tissues, which can lead to seizures, memory loss and headaches.

The Scariest Experience Your Dog Will Go Through

When he's loved and nurtured, a dog shouldn't fear anything or feel threatened. Even so, a puppy can't help whimpering when he sees this!

8 People Who Should Stay Away From Make Up

Although make up was invented to make people beautiful, some women nowadays achieve just the opposite effect!

300 Fight Scene Recreated In The Gym

Men love battle movies and some of them go to the gym to enlarge their strenght. What comes out of these things toghether? A viral video recreating the famous 300 battle scene.

Candy Shops You Have To Visit At Least Once In A Lifetime

Ready for a Willy Wonka experience? Let's take a fast tour around the most fairy tale like candy shops around the world. It's a journey you are not going to regret!

Awww! This Baby Penguin Took Its First Look At The World

An Ocean Park in China released a video with a penguin chick that hatched from its egg. The images show the very first moments of life for this newborn.

15 Van Gogh Inspirational Quotes Will Change Your Perspective About Life!

Vincent van Gogh left not only many great paintings behind, but other great treasures. Despite his mental illness, the painter had moments of lucidity, and his thoughts about life are profound and motivational!

Chanel's Latest Short Film Feature Cara Delevigne And Pharell

Karl Lagerfeld revealed his latest work, a short film to accompany Chanel's latest Metiers d'art collection.

Selfie On Top Of The Tallest Building In The World

Photographer Gerald Donovan took selfie to new heights. He chose a spectacular place to take his first selfie: on top of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.

Funny Law: Three Men Were Kicked Out From Saudi Arabia For Beeing Too Handsome

Being handsome is supposed to bring you some advantages in life, but being "too handsome" can only bring you trouble, as three men learned on their own.

A New York Artist Turned Her 170 Years House Into A Hansel And Gretel Dream House

In High Falls, New York there is an adorable candy colored house reminding us of fairy tales. Would you like to live in a house like that?

Meet Monty, A Rescue Cat With An Unusual Appearance

This feline was overlooked because he looks different, but now she found a family that appreciates his special features and make him feel loved and protected.

Best Parallel Parking Ever! No Wonder Is A World Record

When it comes to parking skills, not everyone can say is a master. But this guy sure is the best stunt driver. He also set a new world record by parking a car in a spot only 3.15 inches longer than his vehicle.

Social Media User? You Can Get A Free Room At Nordic Light Hotel In Stockholm

The qualifying conditions are pretty simple: all you need is more than 2.000 personal Facebook friends, 100.000 likes on your Facebook page or 100.000 followers on Instagram

This Mutant Giant Spider Dog Will Scare The Hell Out Of You!

Although Halloween it's long gone, this dog came up with the best costume, both funny and scary, both dog and spider! Don't watch this if you have a phobia for spiders!

Probably The Most Wonderful Spas In The World

Let's take a visual journey in the most luxurious spas around the world!

2 Orphaned Baby Kangaroos, Friendship At First Sight!

These two adorable baby kangaroos have found a friend in one another, after being rescued.

7 Things You Didn't Know About Vincent Van Gogh

Here are some facts you may not know about the post-impressionist painter.

The Clip That Gave Pole Dancing A Good Rep! More Than Sexy Moves, On Dubstep Music

"Why is this not an Olympic event, when bowling is?" - this YouTube commentary convinced us the girl knows what she's doing! See pole dancing, at its finest!

They're Swinging Like Toddlers! 7 Dogs That Will Beat The Monday Blues

When was the last time you used a swing? Probably many years ago. Well, these dogs are here to remind you that the joys of childhood are the perfect weapons to fight boredom, tasks and ultimately, life?

Real Life Spider Man Climbs Walls With His Bare Hands

His name is Jyoti Raju and he is renowned for his ability to scale buildings with his bare hands. His next challenge? The world's tallest skyscraper.

Check-in To Virtual Reality Trips

A hotel in San Francisco offered 4D tours that simulate the reality of visiting exotic locations.

Thanksgiving Appetizers To Die For!

The Thanksgiving fever is here! You don't wanna miss the appetizers part, they are perfect for drinks and socializing!

5 Amazing National Parks To Visit In The Winter

Landscapes can be wonderful during winter as well. Take a trip to one of these "winter wonderlands"!

Pain Of Childbirth Was Experienced By Men In A China Hospital

The initiators of the project hope the experience will make men more sensitive to their partners during labor.

Scary! What Texting Does To Your Back

Are you wondering why does your back hurt so much lately? And your neck seems always tense? The answer might be in your phone!

Hilarious Flyers That You'll Want To Take Home

Next time, you see a missing person flyer, don't walk past it. Give it a long glace in case it's one of these paper pranks.

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