Cuteness Overload! Baby Fox Loves His Plush Bunny Toy

Puggle, the baby fox that was rescued on March 15th, just can't get enough of his plush bunny toy!

Leap Of Faith: Damien Walters Backflip Over Speeding Formula E Car

People are amazing, there is no doubt! One of these amazing people is Damien Walters.

"Batman Did It!" The Cutest Excuse Of An Adorable Baby!

Noel blames Batman after he gets caught drawing on a mirror. All was filmed by Noel's mother, Laura Hopkins and uploaded on YouTube. Of course, it went viral!

21 Kanye West Songs Played On The Piano

7 albums, 21 songs and one take! YouTube user and artist Young Piano just uploaded an amazing cover of Kanye West's music.

Wtf! Alligator Eating Another Alligator

The footage filmed by Alex Figueroa shows an alligator estimated to be 11 to 12 feet long eating a much smaller alligator.

The Stalking Dog Can't Take His Eyes Off His Master

We already know that dogs are very attached to their masters, but the one below just can't take his eyes off his owner.

Pressed Glass Jewelry Lets You "Wear" The Beauty Of Nature

If you just can't get enough of nature, here is the good news! Russian jewelry designer Stanislava Korobkova has created vintage-style pendants that contain tiny leaves and flowers

Ask A Porn Star: Who Should Be The Next President?

They have their opinion, too. These are the people porn stars think would make good presidents.

Kendall Jenner As A Weather Reporter

Not only she is talented on the runway, but Kendall Jenner can become a weather reporter.

Weightlifter "The Beast" Was Tamed By This Little Girl

David Douglas, a six-foot tall, 330 pound, ex-marine, can't resist this little girl. 12-year-old Lindsay Ratcliffe thought him the true meaning of strength, as he says.

Girl With Down Syndrome Finds Out She's Going To College

Everyone remembers the moment when opened a college letter in the senior year of high school. But the reaction of this girl will melt your heart.

These 10 Smiling Animals Will Brighten Your Day

Animals don't need a lot to feel happy! And when they feel happy, they show amazing smiles that will make you smile back.

Precious Reaction! Baby Sees Mom For The First Time

Four-month-old Leopold Wilbur Reppond had never clearly seen his family. Until now! And his reaction is priceless!

Adorable Miniature Tree Houses For Houseplants Are A New Trend

Artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz creates fairy-sized treehouses around houseplants and they look unreal!.

This Traveller T-Shirt Is All You Need To Communicate In Any Country

Now you don't have to know a language so you can communicate. All you need is this traveller T-Shirt with 40 icons.

9 Amazing Wedding Dresses Created Out Of Paper!

An incredible artist turned paper into wedding dresses based on different nationalities. The result is stunning!

What Does A Migraine Feel Like? The World's First Migraine Simulator Was Built

Excedrin created a VR experience so everyone can know the pain of a migraine.

Andy Cohen Thought Cameron Diaz Pooped Her Pants

Cameron Diaz and Jimmy recall the time his dog made a smelly mess during his Oscar viewing party and Bravo's Andy Cohen blamed Cameron.

There Are Secret Rooms Hidden Inside Abandoned Manholes In Milan

Artist Biancoshock decided to turn abandoned manholes in Milan's Lodi district into hidden miniature subterranean dwellings. The artist took his inspiration from the hundreds of people who are thought to inhabit Bucharest's sewer systems in Romania.

Beauty: The Costs Of A Woman's Beauty Routine

Glamour recently analyzed the cost of the average woman's morning routine and compared it to that of the average male's. See the differences in the video below.

This Dancing Dog Will Make Your Day!

A short video posted to YouTube on Monday by Michelle Walstra went viral! The fluffy pet breaks it down to "Dessert" by Dawin. Check out the hilarious video below!

Another "All I Ask" Sound Failure

There is something wrong with this song! Another live performance of "All I Ask" went wrong.

Lesbians Are Better Than Men At Picking Up Women And This Is Why

First of all, they know women better. See the rest of the reasons in the video below!

This Is A Premiere! Watch Loki - Tom Hiddleston - Present The Weather

What is Loki doing when not fighting Thor? Apparently, presenting the weather. Tom Hiddleston surprises Chicago viewers when he appeared on their TVs!

Instead Of Candles, This Cake Has 7.000 Matches! Watch Them Light Up!

No, this is not a punishment cake or a prank for your best buddy. This birthday cake made up from matches is another experiment from HTD, the guys who love playing with matches.

Snow White's Sister Will Soon Become Reality

Disney plans live-action film about Snow White's sister, according to The story is a revisionist take that adds sister Rose Red into the Snow White tale.

Goodbye Real World! Virtual Reality Sex Suit Is GO!

The virtual reality sex suit has arrived! Named "Full Body Virtual Interface", the suit costs about $400.

6 Foods You're Pronouncing Wrong

You love eating them, but do you know how to correctly order them at a restaurant? These are some of the most wrongly pronounced food items.

Someone Built A "Scarlett Johansson" Robot

A 42-year-old graphic designer in Hong Kong built his own highly functioning robot. And the best part is that the machine look a lot like Scarlett Johansson.

Amazing Pole Dance Routine By Pregnant Woman

She is known as "Cleo The Hurricane" and she is a 36-year-old mother-to-be. This didn't stop her to perform an amazing pole routine with a huge baby bump and heels.

Don't Cheat! You Might End Up Like This Guy!

We all know it's not OK to cheat, but no one thinks they can end up with a bullet in the balls!

Best April Fools' Joke! A Fake Wedding Photo Shoot

There are a lot o people who try to make good jokes for April Fools' Day, but this couple had the best idea: a fake wedding!

Apple's April Fools' Day Joke Was On Taylor Swift

A lot of tech companies embraced fully Fools' Day with more or less solid pranks. Apple, though, enlisted Taylor Swift to make an ad for Apple Music and a joke on... her!

How To Make Taco Bell's Entire Menu

This is a dream come true for all Mexican food enthusiasts! Here is the video you've been waiting for!

Chontel Duncan Gave Birth A Few Days Ago And Looks Better Than Most Of Us Look At Our Best

Viral Fitness Mom shares pic of her body 5 days after giving birth. The images will make you... hate her!

You Can Create Full-Functioning Skateboards Out Of Trash

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by National Geographic, artist Mac Premo teaches us how to create a skateboard from repurposed material.

Adult Coloring Book With Breakup Insults Is The Funniest Thing Ever!

Who said getting over your ex can't be funny? Well, it can be if you use this breakup insults coloring book for adults!

His Wife Gave Him A Lap Dance And He Is The Unhappiest Guy Ever!

I think lap dances are great for every guy. But not for this one! Check out his reaction when his wife gives him a lap dance.

Little Kid Runs Onto The Court To Hug Carmelo Anthony

So cute! During the New York Knicks basketball game in New Orleans against the Pelicans, a this kid left his parents and ran on the court to get a hug from Melo.

You Need To Follow This Instagram Account If Your Kids Are Giving You Trouble

Think your kids are the worst? One Instagram account is full of moments when children around the world mess up in hilarious ways.

Toothpaste Gives You A Heads Up When You're Done Brushing

Bushing your teeth is a pretty straightforward habit, that you've been engaging in since childhood. But are you sure you're doing it right? More importantly, doing it for enough time? This toothpaste can announce you when you're really done brushing.

Rescued Lion Cannot Sleep Without His Blanket

His name is Lambert and he was rescued two years ago by Vicky Keahey. And even if now he is a mighty lion, he still sleeps with his blanket.

Great News: We Can Now Retract Drunk Texts Before They Were Read!

This is something we all have been waiting for! It's called Privates, a new messaging app engineered to safeguard your messages, including patent-pending screenshot protection, self-destructive messages and even a message recall feature allowing users to retract messages instantly. Brilliant!

Perfect Timing! Newborn Interrupts Photoshoot... For A Pee

Family photo sessions with newborns are incredible and more and more people want to to capture those first moment with the baby. But things don't always go according to the plan!

Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, And O-Town Members In The Same Song

NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and O-Town just released a new song together. I feel like I'm a teenager again!

Now You Can Tell If A Woman Really Is Into You. This Video Explains All You Need To Know!

Now you can pick up on signs women are dropping! This video explains all you need to know!

10 Creepy Cakes That Look Incredibly Real

Culinary artist Annabel de Vetten from UK just took desserts to another level. Her cake look so creepy and real, you'll be afraid to eat them.

Square Watermelon Bread It's A Fact In Taiwan

Taiwanese bakery has invented a loaf of bread that looks just like the square watermelons popular in Japan.

Bridget Jones Trailer Shows Ed Sheeran, McDreamy And... The Whole Plot

Bridget Jones is back! Once more, Renée Zellweger impersonates the clumsy Brit as she deals with an unexpected pregnancy.

Instagram Changes Dramatically Its Desktop Version

After "threatening" users to change their feed algorithm from chronological to interest-related, Instagram proceeded to make a better change for its desktop version.

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