South Korea Legalized Cheating

The country's Constitutional Court nullified a decades-old law that made adultery an illegal offense. Untill now, you could stay up to two years in jail if you were caught cheating.

Heartmelting! Incredible Vows To New 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter

Brian Scott made two commitments when he married. He became a husband and a father for an adorable 3-year-old little girl.

Best Revenge On Cheating Wife

A surprise birtday party became the perfect moment for a revenge on his cheating wife for this man. See the story below

Jamie Dornan May Quit "Fifty Shades" Series

There are said to be two more movies in the "Fifty Shades" franchise, but rumor has it Dornan wants out of the film's scheduled sequels.

400 Men Cut Their Balls Off. See Why!

An Indian spiritual guru seems that convinced up to 400 men to castrate themselves. The technique was supposed to bring them closer to God.

The White T-Shirt That Doesn't Get Dirty Is Real

Keeping a white T-shirt clean all day long isn't the easiest thing to do, especially if you happen to a be messy eater. But, we finally have a solution: the 100 percent stain-proof white T-Shirt.

After Losing Her Son And Money, She Didn't Expect For This Miracle!

One mom got the surprise of her life, in a car ride. After losing her 19 year old son, Blaine, this woman was devastated and needed time to grieve. But the bills were piling up. So a miracle came via radio!

Frozen Is Coming Back! See The Trailer For The Upcoming Sequel, "Frozen Fever"!

Did you think Elsa, Olaf and Anna were gone for good? No way! The animation went viral last year so the producers did something unexpected for the fans - continued the story in a sequel!

This Is How It All Started: Great Movie Opening Lines

The beginning is the hardest to write, while the end is of vital importance in a book. In movies, both are crucial, but the first line is the one that shapes a story and sets the tone. That being said, these are the best movie opening lines:

The Beauty Of NYC! Girl Goes Out Without Pants. You Won't Believe How People React!

Women complain that they face harassment daily on the streets. So one blond put men's radar to the test going out just in her panties!

Happy Birthday, YouTube! On Its 10th Anniversary, See The Best, Most Viral Videos Uploaded

This year, YouTube celebrates ten years of existence! In 2005, people we just beginning to understand the notion of being "viral", now millions live for just that - getting popular online. So let's see what are the best, most viral clips uploaded on the video platform ever!

The Must Have Tool For Any Student During Exams

Are you a student struggling to select parts of bibliography for a project, final paper or just print out paragraphs of info for exams? Then you need this!

TBT Gossip Girl: The Hottest Scenes With Chuck And Blair

Remember the series that we were all addicted to before Pretty Little Liars? Gossip Girl sparked our interest in teenage drama and made Blake Lively a star! But it also delivered the best chemistry on tv between the infamous Chuck and Blair!

Have You Ever Seen A Cockatoo Go Beserk? Well, It's Time To Watch This Feathered Fella!

It's no surprise that birds, including cockatoos, make more noise than your average pet. But we bet you haven't seen such a hyperactive, mad birdie roaming the floors!

Who Said Franciscan Monks Don't Know How To Have Fun? This Is The Proof!

Do you see Franciscan monks as human beings deprived of joy, fun and relaxation? You shouldn't! These colleagues loosen up before your eyes!

Best 14 Life Lessons From Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is at the middle of its 11 season. After 11 years of watching the personal lives of doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital unfold before our eyes, breaking into pieces and being glued back again, we've learned a few things:

10 Unbelievable Photos Of Camouflaged Cats

Is there anything surprising left about felines? They won't stop making us laugh of their sneaky ways. These cats wanted some alone time so they made themselves invisible...

Celebrate World Nutella Day All Week With These Delicious Recipes Ideas!

This sweet celebration was launched through social networks and soon became extremely appreciated all around the world. How do you celebrate?

Real-Life Batman Costume Made By A Student

A superfan created an epic Batman suit. Although he is just a student, his project is really awesome.

Icecream Pizza Or How To Eat Without Getting Messy

If you crave a slice of pizza but don't really have where to eat without causing a mess, check this trick out!

Letter Of A 9-Year-Old To Congress To Support Same-sex Marriage

Some states in the USA are still against same-sex marriage, and 9-year-old Maggie is determined to change that.

They Hate 50 Shades Of Grey And They Are Naked!

"Fifty Shades Of Grey" was, for sure the most awaited movie of 2015, but it seems that not everyone has a good opinion about it.

Creepy! Graves Might Be Replaced With Burial Pods

An eco-friendly company wants to replace graves with burial pods. The bodies will be used to fertilize trees.

Funniest Thief! A Koala Tries To Steal A Land Rover In Australia

A koala was surprised sitting in the driver's seat of a Land Rover, in Australia.

Don't Ask For A Puppy Next Birthday, Ask For A Panda! The Most Adorable Creature On Earth

If you needed a definitive proof that there is something cuter than a puppy, here it is:

Size Doesn't Matter! The Tiny Dog Saves The Big One!

Dogs are true friends for life! To humans, or to other dogs. They are renowned for their loyalty and the video below it's just another proof.

Creative Artist Transforms Photos Of Kids Into Cute Illustrations

Costa Rican artist MJ Da Luz describes her project "full of magic" an innocence, which are the same words to describe children. How would you describe her illustrations?

This Father Had The Most Creative Response To His Son's Complaints

When his son started complaining about feeling embarrassed about his parents waving at him when leaving from school, this dad had the most unexpected reaction!

The Most Awkward Moment Between The Real Stephen Hawking And Eddie Redmayne

Before starring in the role of Stephen Hawking (which ultimately brought Eddie Redmayne an Oscar for Best Actor), the british actor actually met Hawking in order to fully understand him! From that meeting, he will never forget one thing!

Easiest Way To Get Snow Off Your Car

Do you know those ugly winter mornings when you have to ge out of the house 5 minutes earlier to get the snow off your car? Well, those days are over. Now you only need a subwoofer.

Lady Gaga Slayed The Sound Of Music Medley At Oscar 2015

Sunday night, Mother Monster completely stole the show at the Oscars. This time, it wasn't for her shocking outfit or extreme choreography, but for one thing that matters more in the music industry: her voice!

A Real Help! The Dog That Shovels The Snow

Elsa loves snow, but more than that, she loves to help her owner shovel the snow.

Real-Life Scenarios With Action Figures

Would you imagine toys in real-life scenarios? Well, you probably did as a child. But it seems playing with toys isn't just for kids.

Hilarious! Two Brothers Recreated Their Embarrassing Childhood Photos

We all have those embarrassing family photos that we are ashamed to watch. But these two brothers have gone too far by recreating the images from their childhood.

10 Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions By Swedish Photoshop Master Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson's masterfully twisted works of art are composite photos, making them some of the most realistic and unsettling illusions we've ever seen.

The Most Cruel Prank A Woman Can Devise For A Man

Nothing peaks a man's interest more than the sight of a bra strap. He knows what's coming next. But these guys had no idea what the woman in a bunny suit was hiding!

The Happiest Fox Alive: Just Look At Her Smile!

It's not difficult to make a dog happy - just give him a treat, rub his tummy and he'll love you unconditionally. But what about a fox?

6 Rude Cakes, Brought To You By Sarah Brockett

Wanna curse somebody in the nicest way possible? Do it like a like, with a lovely cake, with exactly the words you need to say, but they are too ugly.

Woman Handcuffed For Masturbating At "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

Seems that "Fifty Shades of Grey" really has an influence on the audience. A woman in Sinaloa, Mexico was arrested for masturbating during the movie.

Delivery Got To A New Level! See Why!

How lazy can this guy be? He had a drone deliver something directly to his window.

Chocolate That Could Reduce Wrinkles And Improve Skin

Besides the reduction of stress, chocolate seems to have a lot of benefits for your body. Lycotec, an English laboratory works on a new project, the chocolate bar Esthechoc.

Sick Of Nightmares? See What They're Really Trying To Tell You!

Are you tired of always going to bed with fear of dreaming something horrible? Instead of just waiting for a nightmare to occur, take the opportunity to see what it wants!

Real Life Christian Grey?

Meet Seattle playboy Brayden Olson, 27, who is said to be a real-life Christian Grey. See the reason why he is compared to the character, below.

Dubai Police Spent $6.5 Million On A Fleet Of Patrol Cars

We mean, a fleet of luxury patrol cars. And of course we talk about luxury cars, considering the fact that everything about Dubai is over the top.

A 1,000-Foot Slip 'n Slide This Summer In New York City

Slide the City will install a 1,000-foot Slip 'N Slide in the middle of Manhattan.

Don't Give This To Your Kid! 9 Creepy Toys That Belong In A Horror Movie

Dolls are meant to make a child's life more beautiful, whether it features long hair, wide eyes, plump lips like a princess of a cuddly look, like e teddy bear. But these toys got it all wrong - they are the stuff of nightmares:

Trapped Cats That Will Make You Laugh For Days

Some people get annoyed about their cats' habits (like hiding all day in your closet), others prefer to make fun of them, with them. The cure? One eviiil trap!

She Is Not To Be Messed Around With! 3 Year-old Martial Arts Student Show What Real Devotion Looks Like

Almost 4 million people stopped whatever they were doing to watch a 3 year-old give the most passionate and cute version of a student creed for Taekwondo!

12 Microwave Hacks To Ease You Life

Your microwave is not just an easy and simple way to get a leftover, cold meal into one that's warm and ready to eat. You will be surprised how many things it can do for you!

Adorable! Kids Transformed Into Cartoon Illustrations

Artist Maria Jose Da Luz wantes to preserve childhood memories in an adorable way. And he did it by mixing the innocence of babies and cartoon illustrations.

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