Cuteness Material, Puppies Playing With Their Mom In The Snow!

They're so cute, we're gonna die! This video will melt your heart instantly, 7-week-old golden retriever puppies playing in the snow with their mom!

This Is The Samurai Dog! No Matter How Hungry He Is, He Doesn't Eat Until Told

This has to be one of the greatest videos with dogs on YouTube!

And The Award For Weirdest Fast-Food Delicacy In 2014 Goes To...

Fast-food restaurants tried to outbeat each other all year long by launching the weirdest menus one can think of!

He Has A Tank! Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes An Offer No One Can Refuse

After hard work, labouring and slaving away, Arnold Schwarzenegger saw his dream come true - the Terminator got a tank!

You Have To See This! Guinea Pigs Passing A Suspension Bridge

Besides British people, who are the most patient commuters in the world? Guinea pigs!

10 Really Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Don't Want To Wear!

Trust us, these kind of sweaters are a major fashion mistake! We get it, you want to look more festive and fun, but that's just too much!

Hide Your Presents, Denver, The Guilty Dog Strikes Again!

During the years, Denver got into the kitty cat treats, chewed all sorts of stuff he shouldn't, but his adorable-guilty face saved him all the time!

Probably The Most Hilarious Sleeping Face! This Cat Is So Funny

Apparently, this cat has nothing weird. Untill you see her sleep. This is the funniest sleeping face you have ever seen.

Magic Trick Used To Help The Homeless

Christmas is the time when magic happens. And we caught the proof on tape. This guy uses magic tricks to spread the holiday spirit and help the homeless.

Prince George's Christmas Photos Makes Us Wish For A Baby

Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's son, Prince George is a beautiful and cheery little boy! Look at the silly faces he made during a photo shoot for Christmas.

9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Movie 'Home Alone'

'Home alone' is a classic, we all love it, we all know the lines, but we can't help but watch it again, for the who-counts-the times? Did you know this stuff about our old time favorite Christmas movie?

She's The First Bionic Pop Artist In The World! Her Voice And Dance Skills Are Insane

Young, hot artist Viktoria Modesta bears a striking resemblance to Katy Perry while her bizarre taste for music and clothes are more similar to Lady Gaga's. Nonetheless, she is unique - the first bionic artist in the world!

These 11 Children's Christmas Wishes Are Going To Make You Laugh

Such art needs to be shared! These handwritten gems show off children's limitless imaginations. Santa's going to be thrilled!

Hilarious Comic To Support Breastfeeding Moms

Although breastfeeding in public is legal ever since the begining of the world, moms still get shamed for nursing their babies outside the home.

Santa's Letter To A Naughty Girl

Well, the girl's mother posed as Santa to teach her daughter a lesson. Through the letter, "Santa" was warning the girl that she was on the Naughty List.

10 Pets That Ruined Christmas

Have you ever noticed how your innocent pet turns into a real destroyer around holidays? And especially around the Christmas tree. A few owners caught on camera their beloved animals while they turned Christmas decorations into their new favourite toys.

The Most Expensive Bike In The World. It's Made Of Gold

The bike is made by London company Goldgenie and is a 24-karat gold-plated racing bike that costs approximately $391,000. And that's more than a Ferrari, if you wondered.

Amazing Dancer At Only Eight Years Old

Aidan Prince is a eight-years old hip-hop dancer who is so talented he could compete with any professional dancer. If you don't believe us, you only need to watch the video.

Selfie Gone Terribly Wrong

Woman's attempt of taking a selfie with a monkey goes wrong. Even if the pictures are pretty funny, the young woman really lived a scary experience.

Worst Dad In History? The Way He Pranks His Kids...Hilarious!

This dad loves to prank his kids and for Christmas he found no other way to do it then raise their hopes up with a banana and an onion!

7 Hilarious Christmas Cards For Friends With A Sense Of Humor

Got that one friend you speak with in punchlines and love to give quirky, funny presents? Then this Christmas, surprise him with a unique card!

Dogs Decorating The Christmas Tree

The Holiday Spirit doesn't get only humans. Pets too, love Christmas. So much they decorate the Christmas Tree and make sure all the presents are in their place.

Deforestation's Effects Exposed In Brutal Print Ads

These images are cruel, but necessary, because they raise awareness of the often unseen casualties of deforestation around the world.

12 Pets Caught Up In Action

They were not expecting the owners to be home so early! You know how is said: "when the owner is not home, mice are dancing on the table"!

9 Upgraded Snowmen, The Most Creative You'll Ever See

Some snow, a carrot, a hat, some coal and a scarf. We all know this is all we need to create a snowman. The truth is creativity is the most important ingredient.

Meet One Of The Coolest Dads In The World

Dad has a dance battle with his daughter to make chores more fun. We can't decide which one of them won the battle, but we are sure they both had fun.

He Blows Away His Audience With A ... Carrot! What He Does With It Later Is Simply Incredible

Have you ever seen an audience mesmerized by a carrot? We hadn't, until now. What this man did with it was truly unexpected!

10 Disney Movies Wisdom For Your Day To Day Life

Even if, at first sight doesn't seem that way, Disney movies can be very profound. The quotes below can really be good advices to take and if we think of the fact that kids mostly watch cartoons, we can make sure there are things to learn from Disney characters.

More Than A Burger At A Swiss McDonald's. The Customers Were Given Porn, Too

A McDonald's in Switzerland accidentally showed porn to its customers on Saturday night. The restaurant's television screened Sexy Sports Clips, a show on German channel Sport 1.

6 Christmas Cookies You Can't Wait To Try

Christmas morning, a glass of milk & some delicious cookies! Doesn't that sound great? We have a few ideas for you, make your own cookies this Christmas!

Meet Baby Benjamin The Orphan Pygmy Goat!

Cuteness at its best! You just can't be sad seeing this baby orphan pygmy goat who became the star of the nursery at South Yorkshire's, Pot House Hamlet.

Sleep While You Can! Once You Have A Baby, Things Change

Still single? Make sure you enjoy your naps! Once you have a baby, things change dramatically!

Victoria's Secret Models Looking Great Without Make-up

The Angels have been called that way for a reason! Look at their beautiful fresh faces without any make-up on, we are jelous!

Well-mannered Baby Pig Eats At The Table With His Owner

You haven't seen something like this! A woman loves so much her baby pig that allows it to sit at the table with her and eat like their both humans...

Father And Son Spend Six Years Build A Luxury Yacht In Their Backyard

John Couzens and his son Dan, started building their epic vessel six years ago. Soon after starting construction of the luxury yacht they realised they wouldn't be able to get the massive boat out of their garden in Kent. The operation to move it from the garden cost 10,000 pounds alone.

A Man Passes Note To Another Man In Front Telling Him His Girlfriend Is Cheating

The man wrote on Facebook about how he saw a woman "romantically texting" a man at a Detroit Lions game. The woman was pregnant and beside her boyfriend.

Largest Light Show In A Neighborhood In Hawaii

In Hawaii's Waikele, all neighborhood sincronized the Christmas lights. And now, all houses are part of a real light show.

Sick Prank! Woman Puts Pepper Spray On Her Boyfriend's Toilet Paper

This is the ultimate revenge prank! Woman covers his toilet paper in pepper spray and capturing the results.

No Puppy Loves A Bath More Than He Does! Cute Video

This rescued puppy enjoys bath more anything in life, well, besides food. Happy is the first word that comes to your mind when you see the video below.

Best Cops In The World! Instead Of Issuing Tickets, They're Giving Presents!

Usually, when a cops tells you to pull over, you expect a quick interrogation and a speed ticket. But these police officers surprised everyone by giving something for Christmas, instead of taking it away!

17 Casual And Cozy Cold Season Outfits

Let's face it! It's hard to look fashionable during the cold season! We avoid as much as we can looking like a penguin, but the weather doesn't leave much choices...

14 Funny Christmas Cards For People Who Can Take A Joke

Like it or not, Christmas cards are part of the tradition, so you have to be on board! Family and friends, work partners and neighbors, they all have to get one. That's when we reach out to help you!

Everybody's Buying It! This Is The Perfect Gift For Your Bearded Man

2014 was the year of the hipster. No wonder many men started to enjoy and wear proudly their neatly groomed beards. So, this Christmas, we suggest celebrating your bearded man's look with a dedicated gift!

Hilarious! This Baby Is So Confused When He Sees Twins For The First Time

Landon has the cuttest reaction when he meets twins for the first time. The two identical little girls made him wonder if he has double vision.

Sara X Returns With Jingle Boobs! Merry Twerking!

When bells are jingling, boobs are twerking! At least this seems to be the newest Christmas tradition!

He Dances Like No One Is Watching, But They Do!

"Push it" by Salt-n-Pepa' seems to be irresistible for this guy! He can't stop dancing around like he doesn't care about anything in the world!

What Happens When Babies Are Left Alone With Their Dads

We know men tend to be a little more... carefree when it comes to their babies. So, leaving a baby alone with his dad might not be the greatest idea. Especially if you see the video below.

These Kitties Know How To Put Up A Birthday Party

Who said animals can't celebrate properly? These kitties got a birthday cake, a table, quests, and a birthday outfit! Everything's set!

Robbie Williams Is Looking For A Real Job!

Recently the singer posted this video on his Facebook account which gone viral. The star made a serious statement, he is looking for a normal job, maybe in the car industry!

Cloning Services For Pets For Only $100,000

A lab in South Korea offers cloning services for pets since 2006. The technology used in this process is rhe same that was used to clone Dolly the sheep in 1996.

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