How To Ged Rid Of A Headache In Just 2 Minutes

Believe it or not, you can get rid of headaches no matter where you are, without medication!

Match Your Manicure With Your Sign! Nail Polishes You Need

Since the month you were born in shapes your character, why not try matching your whole look to your personality? Start with nails!

Thought You've Seen Bad Winters? Wait Until You See This Place!

There's one place on Earth we wouldn't recommend to your worst enemy as a holiday vacation. Freezing temperatures, snowfall daily, winds that sweep you away - home of the world's worst weather!

Amazing Tattoo, Incredible Message

Semicolon tattoos seem to be the new trend. But, in fact, it's more then this. It's Project Semicolon and you can see the message in the lines below.

70-Year-Old Finishes 100-Mile Race

I don't know how you'll feel after seeing the images below. As for me, I feel like I have no excuse for beeing out of shape. Motivational!

Kim At The Museum It's About Kim Kardashian's Selfies With Fine Art

We never thought this day will come eventually, but it did! Kim Kardashian's selfies featured some fine art at the museum!

OMG! Look What This 14-Year-Old Pulls Out Of His Ear

Grant Botti woke up with a strange pain in his ear. When he investigated the painful spot, he discovered a 4-inch-long centipede had burrowed its way into his ear canal.

Channing Tatum, 7 Dance Moves And 30 Seconds. Too Hot To Miss!

In this video, you can see Channing Tatum doing classic dances like the Running Man and the Robot to "Pony" by Ginuwine, a song featured in the last "Magic Mike" movie. And you these dances could be so hot!

This Ice Cream Cone Is Brilliant

Yes, this ice cream cone looks, let's say... a little weird. But it's actually because his shape eliminates drippage, unlike the upright cones of ice cream shops from the past.

Teen Got Married A Few Days Before Passing Away

16-year-old Omar Al Shaikh found out he would die in a matter of days. The terminally III cancer patient decided to marrry his high school sweetheart before passing away.

Skinny Jeans Ruined This Woman's Life For Over A Month

Lesley Kime got excruciating urinary tract infection because of her favourite pair of skinny jeans.

Can't Cut That Pineapple? Learn How To Do It Fast And Easy, Now!

Pineapples aren't the easiest fruits to cut and eat but man, they're delicious, especially in the summer! Learn how to enjoy FAST & EASY your next cocktail/desert with this trick!

They Quit Jobs And Started Sailing Around The World

You need a lot of guts to quit your job, sell all you have and sail around the whole world. That's exactly what Matt and Jessica Johnson did. See their adventure in the images below.

Mud Run Contaminated With Poop Made 1,000 People Sick

8,400 people gathered at Nice's Cote d'Azur for the Mud Day race. No one thought that there may have been animal feces in the mud and 1,000 people got sick.

Funny Wedding Photo Shot While The Photographer Tripped

Photographer Chase Richardson tripped while photographing the wedding party during a portrait session. He still managed to take the shot and the image is one to remember.

Sexy Cop And His Dance Moves At The NYC Pride Parade

At this year's New York Pride parade, Aaron Santis tried to get cops to dance with him all day. And, at some point, a hot cop joined him.

He Went Through 23 Surgeries To Look Like Superman

Not only Ken is the role-model for guys nowadays. Herbert Chavez went through 23 surgeries in an attempt to look like Superman.

They Survived Tunisian Beach Attack And Decided To Get Engaged

Ben Wilton and Shelley Hey decided to get engaged just six hours they survived the Tunisian beach terrorist attack.

How To: 2 Step Guide To Prevent A Zit

First thing in the morning, just after waking up, you see a giant pimple in the mirror. If you're running out of time, the best you can do is try to hide it. But what if you could prevent it from forming all together?

Don't Mix Teatox And The Pill! You Might Get Pregnant

A weight loss regimen known as "teatox" that cleans out the digestive system is very popular among women. But the the diet can inhibit the effectiveness of certain methods of oral contraception.

Grandmas Attempt To Define Modern Slang Words And This Is Hilarious

There comes a certain time in life when modern language seems like... a completely foreign language. And there is nothing wrong with that. Actually, it's pretty funny!

How Fast Food Commercials Would Be Like If They Were Honest? See In The Video

Forget about those mouth-watering fast-food commercials. This is how the food would look like if the commercials would be "honest".

Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Ruby Rose And The Resemblance Is Amazing

There is no doubt that make up can totally transform you. And the video below is just another proof, in case you needed it.

Delicious News! Chocolate That Doesn't Melt In Your Hand Exists

Belgian researcher Frederic Depypere is the one who made the discovery. He found a way to prevent chocolate from melting in your hands. And don't worry! The texture and taste are still the same.

Four Grandparents At Bonnaroo

If this means beeing old, I can't wait! Funny or Die sent four seniors to Bonnaroo, and they had the time of their life.

Woman Found Out Her Boyfriend Is Engaged To Someone Else

The woman recently found out her long-distance boyfriend got married to someone else. Her suspicions started after discovering some suspicious Facebook photos.

Guy Walked In Her Shoes... All Day

Beeing a woman isn't the easiest thing in the world. Especially if you think about the fact that most women spend at least eight hours a day in high heels. One of the guys from BroBible tried to go an entire day wearing heels, trying to understand what women feel.

Prep Your Feet For Summer: Easiest Scrub Recipe Ever

If you just bought some killer strappy sandals or are on the hunt for the most cute flip flops this summer, take a moment to prep your feet before.

The Town That Lives Underground

There's one town in Australia you'll have trouble to believe. In Coober Pedy, everything seems scarce, from water to people. But once you go a few feet under, you discover that everything is very much alive

The 30 Second Nose Job For Selfie Addicts

Not everyone is blessed with perfect, symmetrical features like celebrities (post-op), so we need some tricks to look good in photos. This is one of them, for awesome selfies!

Foods That Are Trendier Than Some Celebrities

According to google, these food products are much more popular among searches than some major celebrities. Can you seriously believe that?

The Ultimate Healthy Snack: Roasted Chickpeas Four Ways

If you love salty snacks rather than sweet ones you'll love this idea! Chickpeas are very high in fiber and crunchy when you roast them. Forget about chips, nachos and other not so healthy snacks!

You Can Lose Yourself In Their Fur! Biggest Dogs On Earth

What's better than a fluffy dog? A big, huge, ball of fur that loves you unconditionally and warms you up in the cold months of winter!

Bizarre Foods From Around The World

Excited about traveling and eating? Well, you should be interested in these delicacies from around the world! YAY or NAY?

Incredibly Funny Resemblances Out There!

How didn't we noticed this stuff earlier? These resemblances are so obvious that we just can't ignore it anymore!

The Proper Ways You Should Be Eating Pizza

We all love pizza and there is no doubt about it and you cannot get bored of it if you get creative and make some bold combinations in your pizza!

26+ Of The Most Bizarre And Ridiculous Pictures Posted By The Russians On Social Media

Nobody beats the Russians when it comes to highly creative photo sessions. What begins as a simple selfie, becomes a grotesque image!

Street Fighter Elevator Prank Makes People Freak Out

In the images below, Street Fighter cosplayers dressed up as Ryu and Chun-Li and act like video game characters.

"Fast & Furious" Ride, Dedicated To Paul Walker

Universal Studios just unveiled a new "Fast & Furious" ride at its theme park in Hollywood. Vin Diesel dedicated the new attraction to his late friend Paul Walker.

He Saw His Bride Walking Down The Aisle And This Is How He Reacted

Conner Courtney broke into tears watching her make her way to him. Now that's the reaction every bride dreams of during her wedding.

Man Survives 11 Nights On Island Of Hunga Tonga

His name is Ian Argus Stuart and he is a an excentric millionaire. Check out his story below.

The Cutest Octopus On Earth Receives An Earned Name: Adorabilis

Dogs are lovely, cats are cute and octopi are... adorable, apparently. This is the first word that came to mind to the discoverer of a new species!

The Watcher In New Jersey: True Story Or Prank?

One family bought a $1.3 million dream home in Westfield, New Jersey. But just a few days after they moved in, the family began receiving threatening letters.

Prone To Making Huge Mistakes? See How You Can Unsend That Nasty Email Now!

Do you live life one "undo" button at a time? Then you'll love this new gimmick, that makes unsending emails is one click away!

New Style: Merman Hair

Dyeing your hair in crazy colors is a hot trend at the moment. And it seems that ladies aren't the only ones getting in on the hair color action.

Don't Leave Your Children Or Pets In A Hot Parked Car. This Is Why!

The Forsyth County Sheriff's Department uploaded a video to Facebook to show just how hot it gets inside parked cars.

Pool Full Of The Cutest Dogs

There is nothing like a pool in these hot summer days and seems that animals feel the same way.

She Turns Into Barbie In 90 Seconds

Makeup artist Kandee Johnson uploaded a video showing her transformation into a human Barbie doll by only using makeup and a wig.

Find Out Everything About Yourself: The Ultimate Zodiac Charts

If simple European or Chinese zodiac doesn't cut it for you anymore, take the next step - find out everything about you with these astrology charts!

New Condom That Changes Color If Someone Has An STI

The condom is invented by a team of teenagers and it changes color in order to detect STIs.

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