Women Try To Put On Lipstick With A Selfie Stick

This is hilarious! A group of women tried to get her lips painted using a lipstick which they handled with a selfie stick. Pretty sick, huh?

How Do You Know He's "The One"? These Couples Explain What You Feel!

We're talking about a spot for Valentine's Day. Hallmark asked six couples how they knew they found "the one". Check out their answers in the video below!

15 Stages Any Person Who Loves Sleep Goes Through

If you can barely climb out of the bed in the mornings, go through the day dreaming about a nap and crash immediately after coming home, then you're a sleep lover. So you must have gone through these scenarios.

Almost Struck By Lightning And It's All Caught On Tape

Two guys were almost hit by a lightning bolt during a thunderstorm in South Sydney Australia. The images are breathtaking!

Scientists Say Two Planets Fused Together And Created The Earth

Researchers believe The Earth may be made of two planets that fused together at the same time the moon was formed.

Ryan Reynolds Just Broke A Law... For Blake Lively

Check out what he illegally transported across the Canadian border to impress Blake Lively.

14-Month-Old Baby Is An Accomplished Snowboarder

She can barely stand on her feet, but she can snowboard like a pro. This kid will make your day seeing the joy on her face when she's on the snowboard.

What's On A Woman's Mind? You'll See In The Picture Below!

Stephen recently posted a drawing of his wife's mind and it went viral. Check it out below.

These Are 12 Of The Most Ridiculous Wedding Dresses Ever

Money can't buy good taste! That's for sure! In the images below, you can see a couple of brides that are out of common.

Glow In The Dark Tattoos Are The Coolest Trend Ever

Regular tattoos are history! Glow in the dark tattoos are the latest trend. Called UV tattoos, they are only visible under black-light when they heal.

Dog Breaks Out Of Kennel When She Heard Crying Puppies

There is nothing like the comfort of a mother! Even animals know that! What this Australian shepherd did will melt your heart!

Two Guys Sneaked In A Cinema Theater As One

One Youtuber made his dream come true and secured two seats at the cinema theater for the cost of one. You won't believe how his friend Matthew sneaked in!

Do You Wear This Deodorant? You NEED To Read This!

Deodorant may cause irritation depending on the ingredients your skin tolerates or not. But lately, a particular deodorant caused way too many bad reactions!

Man Books Out Restaurant For Marriage Proposal Flash Mob

We all know a marriage proposal has to be perfect. And, lately, a lot of guys do their best to come up with the best scenario for popping the question.

This Video Will Make You Want Summer So Badly!

If you need one more reason to want summer, we'll give it to you! This insane beach trampoline party!

Cop Got $60K, Money He Needed To Keep His Canine Partner

Internet people can do some pretty amazing things. They managed to raise enough money to help police officer Matthew Hickey ho keep dog Ajax, his partner.

Channing Tatum Dressed As A Sexy Sailor Just Made My Day!

The clip was filmed for "Hail, Caesar!" and already became viral. And if you watch the video you'll understand why.

Beyonce's Nail Artist Shows You How To Do The Half-Moon Manicure

Momo Qin from New York City's Oh My Nails! is responsible for some of the gel nail colors worn by both Beyonce and Chanel Iman.

How To Eliminate Fish Smell In A Heartbeat

Fish is a healthy source of omega 3 fatty acids, a reason for which nutritionists recommend it strongly in about every health article you read. If you love the taste, too, then you're probably cooking loads of it during the week. But how to escape that fish odor? Here's a pretty neat method!

The "Gilmore Girls" Revival Is Happening On Netflix And We Couldn't Be Any Happier!

Actress Lauren Graham, a.k.a Lorelai Gilmore, confirmed via Twitter on Thursday that a "Gilmore Girls" revival on Netflix was officially in the works!

17 Photos That Men Will Never Ever Understand

This series of pics show situations girls easily can relate to, but for men, they are simply enigmatic!

4 Ways To Use Your IPhone With Your Gloves On

Smart gloves are one way to use your iPhone in winter, but most of them are pretty simple and somewhat ugly. Instead, go with your chic leather ones and learn how to call and send messages with these 4 tricks!

This 300 Year-old House Might Look Scary From The Outside, But Wait Until You Go Inside!

This 17th century house might seem unwelcoming and small from a distance but if you dare to knock on the door, you'll have the surprise of your lifetime!

Hot And Spicy: 5 Winter Soup Recipes That You'll Love

Nothing will warm you better after a day in the blizzard than a hot, delicious soup. Make it a habit to reward yourself this way at lunch or during the weekend. You won't want to go to a restaurant again!

Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Thing From Your Fridge!

Dark circles will make you look tired and miserable. The best way to get rid of them is using a natural solution, right from your fridge.

You've Been Washing Scarves All Wrong!

In winter season, knitted beanies, gloves and scarves are daily savers. You can't go out without them. Naturally,you should wash them regularly but what if that tiny detail escaped you? Of course, it's easy to forget all about it, so here's the best way to do it, after a long use.

The Method That Will Help You Fall Asleep In Under One Minute

Having trouble sleeping lately? Whether it's due to stress or a huge amount of coffee, this method should help you have sweet dreams in just 1 minute!

Iphone Apps You Need To Delete Fast If You Care About Privacy! Here Is The Complete List Of Apple Banned IPhone Apps

Over 300 apps have disappeared from iTunes after Apple realised they were stealing user data. Those include popular games like Angry Birds 2

These Are 15 Things Every Grown Woman Should Have

Being a grown woman mostly involves living by yourself, being financial independent, putting stuff together by yourself, without counting on a man. If so, you need these 15 essential things on hand!

8 Gadgets That You'll Love More Than Your Boyfriend

Everytime there's something related to gadgets, you turn to your boyfriend. He likes them, he knows everything about them. But what if I can guarantee these ones were made for you?

Kid Was Embarrassed On Live TV By His Own Dad

This kid's dad is buying his son jerk-off lotion in the middle of a blizzard. Besides that, he managed to embarrass his son on TV. See what he did in the video below.

Dad Got Arrested For Taking His 12-Year-Old Daughter's Phone Away

A Texas father took his daughter's cell phone away and this is why he ended up with a trial.

People Confess Their Acne Stories

Having acne is a real struggle. Getting judged by your skin is nothing easy to cope with, especially in a world that had focused so much on looking good!

She Gave Up Coffee For A Week And This Is What Was Like

Can't go a day without coffee? Maybe have a couple of them during the day? Coffee is an addiction as well, and some people are extremely sensitive to coffee. She tried a week without it and she won't go back to it!

Chronic Stress Could Lead To Depression And Dementia

We have to take it slow! Research say that stress and anxiety can damage areas of brain involved in emotional responses, thinking and memory.

A Ballet That You Will, For Sure, Enjoy! Meet The Unsynchronized Ballerinas

Ballet is considered one of the most beautiful performing arts in the world. And it can be perfect, even when is unsynchronized.

This Woman Tried Detoxing Her Vagina, That's Right!

A writer at Refinery29 decided to try the new Vaginal Cleansing Pearls that claim to rid your vagina of toxins. What happened?

California Homes Could Fall Into The Pacific. See Why!

The seaside town of Pacifica, California, has declared a state of emergency. Part of the residents were ordered to evacuate their homes after the cliffside below it began to crumble.

Glow Hair Is The New Beauty Trend In 2016

Beauty trends change all the time even when it comes to hair colors. After the "granny hair" and "rainbow color", 2016 is the year of "glow hair".

5 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Anymore Weight

You've been on a diet for months, keeping your workout regime pretty regular but after a few dropped pounds, progress stopped. What went wrong? These are a few of the culprits.

Duck Becomes This Little Boy's Best Friend

His name is Beaker the duck, or Bee and joined the family when he was just a little duckling. Since then, he became best friends with little Tyler.

Whoa! You Have To Be Pretty Brave To Try This Weird Face Cream

Snail creams, vampire treatments... we're used to weird skin treatments that miraculously make our body look better. But not many would include this extraterrestrial cream in their beauty regime.

Syrian Refugees Sees Snow For The First Time. Check Out His Cute Reaction!

David McNab and his wife Kristy Hiltz decided to co-sponsor a Syrian family of four and bring them to Canada. They saw snow for the first time and their reaction is adorable.

Horses, As You've Never Seen Them Before: Peacefully Farting And Snoring

Horses are majestic creatures. But this doesn't mean they are perfect. I mean, even them take a fart from time to time, just as you can see in the video below!

Whoa! Watch This Rabbit Ride An Avalanche

If you thought snow bunnies were a rare sight, check this rabbit out! The small, white runner took his chances crossing a hill during an avalanche.

The New 'Rich-Girl Hair' Is Officially Everywhere

Brace yourself, this is the ultimate hair trend for women, although some of us wore their hair like this ever since we were kids. It's called 'rich-girl hair'!

Star Wars Fan Creates Real Burning Lightsaber

Allen Pan, a Star Wars fan managed to create his own lightsaber. The device spits a fuel of methanol, acetone and butane, through a nichrome ignition. How cool is that?

Did You Change Your Sleeping Position? Find Out What That Means!

You used to fall asleep on your stomach but now it's easier to sleep on your side or with your face up? Discover what this change means!

This Instagrammer Perfectly Matches Makeup To Snacks

Instagrammer Tim O. drawing inspiration from snack bags to do his makeup. he matches his make-up colours with the colours on his snacks and he's doing a great job!

22 Hilarious Life Lessons From Cats

It's a fact that we have a lot of things we can learn from animals. And felines can be the best teachers. Check out 21 hilarious life lessons from cats you can see below.

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