The Most Beautiful And Strange Places In The World You Must See At Least Once In Your Life

There are some unique, breathtaking holiday destinations that you should see at least once in your life. Here's a list of five of them.

YouTube Blogger Proposal At His 1000th Video Post

This guy planned his proposal to his girlfriend for three months, recording a video for every first letter of the proposal "Chyna, will you marry me?" and posted them in reversed order so she could read the question in his video list backwards. The question mark was his 1000th video posted and got him almost 1 million views in just two days, more than any of the videos before. Check out the girlfriend's reaction!

Shocking Outfit Presented By IDRD-BOGOTA HUMANA-SAN MATEO-SOLGAR Cycling Team

A light series of cycling kit or a method of drawing attention?

What Does The Life Path Number Say About Your Love Life

The life path number is useful if you try to find out how people perceive love based on the date they were born.

Calculate Your Destiny Number And Find Out What Does It Say

The destiny number is the most important number in your numerology chart and is derived from your date of birth.

Put Racism In The Right Place - Amazing Lesson. VIDEO

This video gives a good perspective on a way we could deal with racism in day to day life.

This Completely Melt Your Heart! It's So Adorable! Here's Mickey, The Smallest Dog In The World

Mickey is a teeny tiny very rare wolf sable parti pomeranian puppy. It is so adorable that will completely melt your heart.

How To Heal A Broken Heart

Forget all the advices you received so far. These are some real advices for a broken heart

LOL! Oliver Hardy And Stan Laurel, First Ice Bucket Challenge In History

Oliver Hardy nominates Stan Laurel to the ice bucket challenge

The Gentleman's Wager - Advertising Rivalizing Art, Jude Law Looking Hotter Than Ever

JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL, the leading luxury blended Scotch Whisky, presents a short film starring actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini.

Speachless! The Perfect Tribute To Robin Williams

A fan created the best tribute ever, using lines from the movie Jack (1996) combined with images from the artist's work

Craving Chocolate? Best Of Chocolate Cakes Ideas Around The World

Get inspired by these 10 chocolate cakes ideas around the world. Prepare them yourself, and have an explosion of taste in your month.

4 Astonishing Glass Beaches

Sea glass instead of sand: garbage transformed by nature

Zach Klein Namechecks 20 Robin Williams Movies In Sports Reports

An unusual tribute to the great comedian and actor Robin Williams

16 Awesome Stone Art Pictures

Hard work and patience with incredible results: stone art around the world and ages

20 Of The Most Popular Girl Names

Here's 20 of the most popular girl names in case you want something traditional or if you're lacking inspiration. The girl names are based on the Social Security Administration's latest statistics.

Shock For Game Of Thrones' Fans

Game Of Thrones' actor JJ Murphy Died 4 Days After Starting Filming For HBO Production

Backflip On The Edge 40th Floor

Insane Guy nearly falls 40 floors after Backflip 150m

R.I.P Robin Williams. Actor Died At Age 63 From An Apparent Suicide

Celebrities Are Reacting on Twitter To The Sad Death Of Robin Williams

Big News From Kardashian Sisters

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are lauching Kardashian Beauty

Robert Downey Jr.'Son Indio Charged For Drug Possesion

Robert Downey Jr.'s son Indio has officially been charged with a felony for allegedly possessing a controlled substance.

Demi Moore Is Feeling Guilty For Her Daughter Tallulah' Abuse Of Cocaine And Alcohol

Tallulah Willis, one of the daughthers of former couple Demi Moore - Bruce Willis, allegedly has entered a rehab facility for alcohol and cocaine abuse.

The Dead Prize: Vote On Twitter The Most Harmful Invention Of The Planet

The Dead Prize has been created to recognise effective harmful inventions, such as commercially successful guns and objects that have unwelcome consequences

Sad News From Selena Gomez, She Is Blaming The Paparazzi

The artis was involved in a car accident in North Hollywood, Sunday 3 August

Lindsay Lohan Sexy Bikini Selfie On Instagram

Lindsay Lohan had a nice wake-up call for her Instagram followers this morning when she posted this surprisingly sexy selfie which shows off her admirable physique in a radical neon bikini.

Unexpected Art - Amazing Pictures: Whole Body Painting

For centuries, body painting has been part of cultures around the world. Initially used as a part of tribal ceremonies, body paint is a temporary form of art, and can last from hours to several weeks, depending on the substance used on the body.

Till THEM Part! Married For 65 Years, They Die 11 Hours Apart

A love that lasted until ... death. Harold & Ruth Knapke are the evidence of a devotion that lasted over 65 years.

Sandra Bullock Turnes 50 But Looks Like 30

Sandra Bullock turned 50. It is no joke, but pure truth. Full of energy and enthusiasm, with an enviable appearance, she amazes everyone when she says her age.

Christian Louboutin Launches A Nail Polish For $50 A Bottle. Already A New Trend

Shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, announced earlier this week that he is releasing an eponymous nail polish line. The first colour issued is a tribute to the emblem of Louboutin, "The Red Louboutin".

Mall Marriage Proposal REJECTION!! EPIC FAIL!!

She is not even listening all the proposal, till the end!

You Can Ask Her Out Now At Starbucks: Evening Menus And Special Made Drinks

There is a new way to enjoy Starbucks after 4 pm. In selected locations, you can now order tastefull lunch or a glass of selected wines.

Pendants That Will Reach Between Women's Breasts!

A Japanese designer went to work and created pendants, which make pleasant surprises to women.

For A Dream Holiday: A Floating Hotel Room

Floating Hotel Room With Underwater Bedroom At Pemba Island In Zanzibar

The Most Frightening Porcelain Figurines That You Will See In Your Life!

Maria Rubinke is a young Danish artist based in Copenhagen, and her work could give you nightmares.

The Israeli System That Could Have Saved Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

The shooting down of a Malaysian Airlines flight over Ukraine has led airlines across the globe to consider investing in the system.

How Clever! How A Crow Asks For Water

At first glance, it seemed like a movie scene, but it is not. A crow proves high intelligence when it's thirsty and asks passers-by for water in a special way.

It's Something Rare! How To Move Your Couch Like A Pro!

If you do not have a big car, and want to move a couch, you should not let that bother you so much. In the video you have a unique way to do this.

There Can't Be More Love! A Dog Passes Out From Overwhelming Joy

You wouldn't think of something like that. A dog loves so much his owners, that when he sees them knows how to enjoy most.

Big Guys Need Love, Too! Sensual Belly Touches...

I say it first: I do not know if it's funny or disgusting. The video does is to reinforce what we already thought: Fat men need love, too, even if they value the food more than feelings.

Unexpected Love Between A Cat And A Horse

However unlikely it may seem, Alexandra's cat and horse are best friends. The two love to cuddle and snuggle together. VIDEO

Is It Worth It? From Hot To Unhot In 2 Seconds

Is it worth looking hot if you have to walk like you had a stroke?

A Corpse-Bride As A Mannequin In A Shop Window?

A shop in Mexico is famous, and I can't say that for the models of wedding dresses that expose them, but for the dummy that promote them.

How To Order SUBWAY Like A BOSS

"I'm on a roll SUBWAY's the only place that I know / That don't get you fat like all the other places that I used to go"

How To Order KFC Like A BOSS

Check out Aussie rapper Bilal ordering KFC like a boss! The video features fellow rapper Dizaster.