The Israeli System That Could Have Saved Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

The shooting down of a Malaysian Airlines flight over Ukraine has led airlines across the globe to consider investing in the system.

How Clever! How A Crow Asks For Water

At first glance, it seemed like a movie scene, but it is not. A crow proves high intelligence when it's thirsty and asks passers-by for water in a special way.

It's Something Rare! How To Move Your Couch Like A Pro!

If you do not have a big car, and want to move a couch, you should not let that bother you so much. In the video you have a unique way to do this.

There Can't Be More Love! A Dog Passes Out From Overwhelming Joy

You wouldn't think of something like that. A dog loves so much his owners, that when he sees them knows how to enjoy most.

Big Guys Need Love, Too! Sensual Belly Touches...

I say it first: I do not know if it's funny or disgusting. The video does is to reinforce what we already thought: Fat men need love, too, even if they value the food more than feelings.

Unexpected Love Between A Cat And A Horse

However unlikely it may seem, Alexandra's cat and horse are best friends. The two love to cuddle and snuggle together. VIDEO

Is It Worth It? From Hot To Unhot In 2 Seconds

Is it worth looking hot if you have to walk like you had a stroke?

A Corpse-Bride As A Mannequin In A Shop Window?

A shop in Mexico is famous, and I can't say that for the models of wedding dresses that expose them, but for the dummy that promote them.

How To Order SUBWAY Like A BOSS

"I'm on a roll SUBWAY's the only place that I know / That don't get you fat like all the other places that I used to go"

How To Order KFC Like A BOSS

Check out Aussie rapper Bilal ordering KFC like a boss! The video features fellow rapper Dizaster.

Spectacular Choreography! Amazing Daddy-Daughter Dance Off!

Watch this adorable dance-off between a father and his 7-year-old daughter