How Facebook Would Have Looked Like In The '90s

If Mark Zuckerberg would have come up with The Facebook idea 20 years ago, this is what you'd be able to do!

Duck Face Is History, The Faux-Surprised Face Is The New Trend

Seems everyone realized there's nothing cute about pursing your lips and uploading the photo on Facebook. We can say that duck face is history, but what do you think about the new trend?

Incredible Video: Real Life Robin Hood

His name is Lars Andersen and he sure has archery skills you've only seen in Robin Hood movies.

Woman's Open Letter To Ex-Husband's New Girlfriend! It's Not What You Probably Think

A woman's open letter to her ex-husband's new girlfriend has gone viral. The letter reveals how maturity and honesty can actually help manage family relations.

The Bigger The Butt, The Smarter The Kid

A 2010 study from the University of Oxford makes a connection between the big booty and healthy children. Now, scietists came up with a new idea: moms with large bottoms give birth to smarter kids.

The Weirdest Music Collaboration In History? Listen To Rihanna, Kanye And Paul McCartney's New Song

This year debuted with revealing songs from the Fifty Shades soundtrack and, apparently, extremely weird trios like the one with Rihanna, Kanye and... Paul McCartney! Listen to the former Beatles' member sing with those two!

Jessie J Sings With Her Mouth Closed

Jessie J has a secret talent she discovered when she was a child. The artist can sing with her mouth closed and she proved it in "The Graham Norton Show".

Adorable Baby Elephant Tries To Climb The Hole, But He Needs Help

Thanks to the help of a few good willing humans, this little elephants has been rescued from danger after tumbling into a hole, which from he couldn't climb out all alone.

This Man Monitored His Girlfriend's Heart While Proposing. The Results Are Shocking!

One man convinced his fiancee to wear a heart monitor during their trip to Rome. Apparently, she didn't suspect a thing. What it revealed during his marriage proposal is adorable and shocking!

Insane Barber! He Shaves Portraits Into People's Hair

Meet Rob Ferrel. He's a San Antonio, barber known as Rob The Original. He's not just a barber, he's a genius. He doesn't cut hait, he creates amazing portrets out of your hair.

Incredible! Man Walks Into Hospital Stabbed In Head With Scissors

A Mexican man walked into a hospital with a pair of scissors in his head after being stabbed at a bar. Doctors say he is lucky to be alive.

Another Sex Scandal In School! Teacher Arrested For Paying Student For Oral Sex

A Brooklyn elementary school teacher was arrested for allegedly paying a 16 years old student for oral sex. Police says the victim was neither the teacher's student, nor of the school's.

"He Took His Skin Off For Me" - Short Film Will Give You Chills

This remarkable story lead to fifteen months of intense work and dedication, but the result, although practically short, is incredibly touching!

10 Reasons Why Robert Downey Jr Is The Perfect Man And The Coolest Dude Around

In case you're one of the few who don't give much thought to Robert Downey Jr., here is a list of why you could fall in love with him or just wish he'd be your BFF:

Twins Connection: They Can't Talk, But They Still Communicate

We all know, twins have a special connection. They can think or feel the same thing in the same time, without a word. And the babies in the video below are the perfect proof.

Drones Used To Carry Drugs Across The US-Mexico Border

Drones can be used in different ways, but we bet you didn't think of them as a way to carry drugs across the border. But someone did.

Little Girl And Her Big Horse Go For A Walk, Adorable!

The three years old adorable little toddler is having the time of her life! She took her best buddy, Cinnamon on a walk on a wintry road.

The Ingredients That Make A Video Viral By Kevin Alloca

Kevin Allocca, a trends manager at YouTube, professionally watched YouTube videos for a living, explains how we, as a community can change the face of entertainment.

Sleeping Bag That Turns Into A Tent For The Homeless

Students at Carnegie Mellon's Integrated Innovation Institute may have found a solution for all homeless people. They came up with the idea of an insulated and portable sleeping bag and tent hybrid.

"Best Teacher" Caught Sleeping With Student

Elizabeth Scroggs won "Best of the Best" teaching award in 2010. Yesterday, she was arrested for sleeping with an 18 years old student.

Adorable Weseal Playing With The Camera

Look at this great footage of an adorable ermine playing peek-a-boo with the camera! Have you seen something more lovable lately?

The Perfect Moment, The Perfect Place: Images Shot At The Last Minute

It's not enough to have a camera nearby, you have to catch the perfect moment to capture on lens. These people really pressed the button at the precise time:

Boho Fashion: 8 Pieces To Channel Your Inner Aztec

Are you a creative, relaxed, romantic person? Then you're already on the boho fashion wagon! Probably you've seen aztec/tribal clothes on the runway but are not sure how to wear them daily. Here are some pieces that you can incorporate in your wardrobe:

He Quit His Wall Street Job To Sell Pizza For $1! The Reason Will Bring You To Tears

A successful, young Wall Street businessman quit his job to sell pizza. Not just any kind of pizza, but a 1 dollar-slice pizza. The reason behind it all seems the key to make this world beautiful!

Girl Power! 6 Photos That Celebrate Femininity Of All Shapes

You should feel amazing in your skin. This is the message these pictures want to transmit.

Rare Sea Creature With 300 Teeth Caught By Fisherman

A frilled shark was caught by an Australian fisherman. The fish is considered one of the scariest sea creatures in existence. Local fishermen say no frilled shark was pulled from the sea so far.

Hilarious Response To "Do You Like Me" Question

First of all, we must say that we are talking about an 11 years old kid that was asked by a girls if he likes her. The response is more mature than most adults.

Old Warehouse Becomes The Ultimate Home

When it comes to the perfect place to live, you only need some money and lots of imagination. If you're creative enough, you can transform an old warehouse into the house of your dreams.

Father Gave His Dying 2 Years Old Daughter Marijuana To Improve Her Life

Adam Koessler was arrested at a Brisbane hospital becouse he gave cannabis oil to his 2 years old daughter, Rumer. The little girl has stage 4 neuroblastoma and Koessler gave her cannabis oil mixed with coconut to ease her symptoms.

10 Epic Food Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking

We can't have them all! Cooking skills, good looking, great career and so on. But these brought cooking to the worst, we just can't imagine how this happened!

Remedies For A Horrible Day: 5 Best Websites To Relax

If your workday proved to be much more difficult than you predicted, maybe a couple of minutes or even an hour of audio therapy can restore your good disposition. Check these websites, dedicated to freeing the mind of troubles:

Hilarious! Strut 'till You Drop: This Man Kills It On Heels

By far, the most hilarious ad seen this year features a man doing the impossible - walk SEXY on heels!

The Land Of Never Ending Beauty: 12 Russian Models So Beautiful, They Seem Photoshopped

With Kristina Pimenova named the most beautiful girl in the world, we cast a glance at Russia's treasures - the models born and raised here, now international beauties.

How 5 German Shepherds Behave Without Leash Will Amaze You!

These beautiful german shepherds belong indeed to one of the most special breeds in the world. Look how mannered they are when walked in a group of 5, without leashes!

Mom With Sense Of Humour. She Created The Most Hilarious Photos

Having kids is definitely changing your life. Sometimes the changes are so big, your new life might seem a little chaotic. And to get through this period, you sure need a good sense of humour.

The Home Of Your Dreams Cost About $22,000 And Is Charming!

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison decided to live small and it was the best decision of their lives. They build a brilliant and very functional dream house for $22,000!

Amazing Mini Replica Of Hogwarts

Alice Finch, mother of two, managed to mix tiny plastic bricks with a little magic. And the result is amazing: a mini replica of Hogwarts.

Awesome Cop! See What He's Doing While Directing Traffic

Being a cop isn't all about tickets and law. This is what Ranjeet Singh, a cop that direct traffic in India is trying to say. He manages to make at least one person a day laugh with his manner of doing his job.

How To Knit A Scarf Using Only Your Hands In 30 Minutes

Manuela Waliczek-Raczka of Handimania had made multiple fluffy scarves by methodically tying chunky yard around her hands and arms and came up with this video to teach others how to make these accessories

Insane! Her Make Up Skills Help Her Transform Into Any Celebrity! Walter White Is, By Far, The Best!

Lucia Pittalis is a great make up artist and a good portrait painter but no one ever noticed just how far she can manipulate the human face until she transformed herself into a celebrity!

Long Life Key: Avoid Men. Advices From A 109 Years Old

Her name is Jessie Gallan and she just celebrated her 109th birthday. In a TV interview, Scotland's oldest woman shared her tips and tricks to a long and healthy life.

Celebrity Fails: See Julia Roberts, Jason Biggs And Other Celebrities Smashed By Twitter Users

You don't need more than 140 characters to make stars blush, get angry, laugh or simply want to hide in the ground like an ostrich. These Internet users are the living proof!

Cop Singing To Taylor's Swift Shake It Off, The World Is A Wonderful Place

Dover Police Department released this incredible funny video of a police man singing out loud Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" like he means it!

Most Loyal Dog Becomes A Caretaker For His Owner

There is no need to say that dogs are the most loyal animal. So loyal, that they voluntarily become caretaker for their owners

The Beard Calendar Of 2015, A Beard For Every Season

Stephanie Jarstad blished a 2015 calendar called A Beard for all Seasons. Each beard and holiday is represented by a beard style.

15 Twisted-mind Blowing Optical Illusion Paintings By Ron Gonsalves

Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves's paintings have a fun way of twisting your perception and making you look twice!

Hidden Bar Behind Coke Vending Machine, Awesome!

In Shanghai, there is this interesting place, a trendy hidden bar behind a vintage Coca-Cola vending machine, called Flask.

Teenager Fooled A Hospital Into Thinking He Was A Doctor

A 17 years old teenager fooled a hospital into thinking he was a doctor. He put on a disguise and, for an entire month, he managed to fool the entire staff.

Passionate Singer At Only Two Years Old

Talent and passion know no age. So what we're talking about an adorable two years old little girl? The most important thing is what she passes on to the viewers. In this case, a very good mood.

After Being Rescued From Streets And Beaten Cancer, This Dog Is Happier Than Ever

As her owner likes to say, Gluta is the happiest dog on earth. And a very lucky one, considering he was saved from the streets and cured from cancer.

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