This Dog Is Crazy! Look At What He Does With His Tongue For 30 Seconds Straight

When it comes to oral action, this guy might beat you! His tongue is unstoppable!

WOW! Some Men Use Fire To Destroy Things, This Man Paints With It

Believe it or not, while others use fire to bring destruction to their enemies, one man creates beautiful, extraordinary things out of flames and smoke.

The Best Fake Ad Ever Goes Viral! Jim Carrey Must Be Proud

After 6 million people watched it, I can safely say this is the best fake ad you have ever seen! The great part? It's with a celebrity that makes fun of another star!

Starbucks Came Up With A Spooky Frappuccino, For Halloween! Say Hello To Franken Frappuccino!

Pumpkin Spice Latte is history! The new seasonal beverage from Starbucks, Franken Frappuccino is here to welcome Halloween!

She Lost A Bet In The Worst Way Possible! Facebook Crashed After Her Friends Made This "selfie"!

Maybe not all challenges have to be accepted. Yes, bets are fun but only until someone makes one so lame, that you know you'll be haunted by it the rest of your life.. So, you have to say NO, right? Right? Well, not all folks are that *bright*

Unbelievable Phenomena Makes Us Think At The Amazing World We Live In

These are very rare, but natural phenomena you'll have to see to believe it. But untill you get there, we have some pictures.

Big Pets. The Man Who Plays With 14 Felines

Most of us love animals and have pets that we love and take care of. And so is Carl Bovard, who has 14 cats, big cats like lions, tigers and panthers.

Weird Facts About Sex That You'll Pray Never Go Through

A lot of things have been told about sex, but how many of them are true? Well, the list below it sure is.

A Real Model At 9 Years Old After Being Adopted By A Photographer

At the age of 7 Alice was adopted by a photographer family. At the time of her adoption she decided that she wanted to change her name to Alice after Lewis Carroll's beloved character.

Space View: Surprising Things You Can See In Low Earth Orbit

Astronauts traveling in Low Earth Orbit or on board the International Space Station can see quite mankind's marvels using only their eyes.

Most Empowering Emma Watson's Quotes Regarding Feminism

Although known mainly for her role as Hermione Granger, in "Harry Potter", his girl has a lot more to offer the world!

10 The Great Gatsby Inspirational Quotes

Ain't no doubt whoever read "The great Gatsby" kept in mind a few quotes. S. Fitzgerald always provided good advise and words of wisdom.

10 Classic Horror Movies You Must See This Halloween

Are you a fan of horror movies? You can't miss the classics! This Halloween, get your popcorn and your friends for a scary night marathon!

Great Street Ads That Will Impress You

Street Ads represents the most creative and effective kind of advertising. Incorporates very well in the whole city landscape and makes it inevitable for you to stop and stare.

8 Problems Every Fashionable Woman Has

They may have different styles or come from different places, but one thing is for sure: every woman goes through the same personal hell when confronted with fashion!

Feeling Your Head In The Clouds? Wait Untill You Fly With The Windowless Plane

It might take 10 years untill it will be built, but the windowless airplane is the next step in aviation.

Characters That Never Lived Influenced Our Lives. And If You Don't Believe It, Here Is A List

Even if they never existed, these characters had a big influence in our lives.

The Only Prank You Have To Play On Your Friends This Halloween

Want to really mess with your friends this Halloween? A scary movie might not be enough - especially since they'll know it's just a movie. But what about a creepy little prank?

Metallic Tattoos, The New Trend In Bodypainting

Celebrities found a new way to value their beauty, metallic tattoos. From Beyonce to Julia Pereira, they all wear these shimmer decorations.

Amazing Street Art In Rome

With cans of spray paint and some stencils, this artist goes from nothing to a complete painting amazingly fast!

Cartoon Characters Involved In Breast Cancer Campaign

Artist Alexsandro Palombo, redesigned Disney female characters in order to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

From Funny To Creepy Halloween Treats

Halloween snacks are just enough repulsive as well as funny. But what a Halloween night would be without them?

You Really Thought Rapunzel Didn't Exist? Think Again

Katy White, a 12 years old girl, has nearly 3 and a half feet hair long.

Who Was The Alien Who Worked For The US Government?

Phil Schneid, the biggest UFO whistleblower, has stirred much controversy with his claims about aliens, the most interesting being the story of Valiant Thor, the alien who worked for the US government.

Cool "A Nightmare On Elm Steet" Items

The 90's most popular horror movie generated lots of creative ideas for marketing. Every fan should own at leat one of those "Freddy Kruger" stuff!

Disney Magic Captured In A Wedding

A perfect wedding is every girl's dream, but a fairytale come true in your wedding day is even better. So, the Little Mermaid and her Prince Charming, celebrated their love with a photo shooting picturing the famous Disney Cartoon.

Couple Challenge: Could You Draw Your Significant Other Purely From Memory?

These couples were asked to draw the loved one as they remember, and then show each other the result. Well, they were not so pleased by the way they looked in the lover's vision. Take a look!

Curiosity (almost) Killed The Cat! Unbelievable Video!

Seems that, in nature everything is possible, even for a fish to attack a cat. The kitten made it this time, but it sure lost one of it's nine lives.

Four Paws And A Tail: These Are The Worst Co-Workers You Could Have

Do you think your colleagues are loud, irritating, lack manners and a proper sense of humor? Think again. These "freelancers" are extremely annoying and adorable in the same time!

How To Do Halloween Right: Costumes More Awesome Than The Original

You're a fan of disguise and Halloween, in particular? Then you have to do it justice, with a costume that beats the original. One artist and photographer accomplished just that and the results are awesome!

These Sexy 10 Gym Outfits Will Make You Exercise More!

Once you see this gym outfits you will change your mind about sports equipments being dull and unflattering.

5 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses Of All Times

The world's famous wedding dresses have come in every style and size, keeping a a distinctive note. Royal and celebrities weddings have provided many of the most memorial bridal moments, but do you know the stories behind the dresses?

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! These Men Made Living Sculptures From Their Beards And Moustaches

When everybody else had given up on facial hair, resorting to shaving and waxing, these men decided to go against the current and let it grow fiercely. So much so, that on 25th October, they proudly exposed living sculptures!

Those Cats Are Totally Ready For Halloween!

Who said cats are not attending Halloween's party? Not sure if they are happy about it, but they look pretty funny in those costumes...

Problems Loosing Weight? We Have Some Wierd But True Tips For You

Loosing weight isn't the most simple thing in the world, but things can get easier if you know some tips.

Playboy Models From Miss March 1954 To Miss January 1979. See How They Look Now

Playboy models are always beautiful and young women, but how do they look when they age? Still sexy.

15 Amazing FILMography Pictures By Christopher Moloney

Christopher Moloney takes printed pictures from movies, and recreates them with new photos of the same, present-day, background. You must see them!

Ready For Halloween? Make Up Ideas To Look Less Scary, But More Sophisticated

You got your outfit, but you still need the perfect make up to complete your look for Halloween. For those of you who want to look less like a monster, the make up artists created 3 looks you can do it yourself for the Halloween party.

Beyonce Is Partnering Topshop To Launch A Line Of Athletic Streetwear

Beyonce teamed with Topshop to create a company called Parkwood Topshop Athletic, Ltd.The line will include dance, sports, and fitness-themed clothes and accessories.

Now Famous Actors That Had A Small Piece On Gilmore Girls

Looking back on Gilmore Girls you realize there are plenty of familiar faces, famous actors with a great career you had no idea about. Check out this surprisingly familiar faces of Stars Hollow!

Curios Who Are The Most Influential Teenagers Of The World? We Have The List

They aren't more than 18 years old, but they have millions of fans and appeared on the cover of top magazines.

Top 20 Inspirational Quotes That Will Get You Moving Through The Day

Feel stuck or just need a little motivation? Forbes compiled a top of the most inspirational quotes from great minds

15 Uncommon Phobias That People Actually Have

From fear of knees, fear of beards...this may sound silly to you but some people are feeling threaten by this phobias you couldn't imagine existing!

She Makes Art Out Of Her Day-to-day Life!

Those kind of selfies are nothing like the ones you are used to...Iiu Susiraja's self-portraits are like a slap in the face. She captures art out of simple home maintaining tasks and everyday situations.

13 Coolest Pumpkin Decorations You Should Try This Halloween

Say hello to the Halloween VIP, the pumpkin! No-carve ideas or ideas for carving, painting, decorating, and displaying your Halloween pumpkin.

Strange Stuff You Need To Know About Halloween

Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, decorating, wearing costumes, telling scary stories, visit "haunted houses", watching horror movies.

10 Gorgeous All Black Everything Street Style Outfits

These outfits truly shows what an excellent choice black can be because head-to-toe black is always the new black.

The 3 Make-up Trends You Need To Pick Up This Fall

These gorgeous makeup trends will be on all our faces before we know it. Here's all the make up trends you need to look great this fall including dark lipstick & taupe & plum smokey eye.

The Bible After Samantha: 9 Harsh Facts About Relationships You Have To Accept Sooner Or Later

Men can say whatever they want, but Sex and the City taught women more about sex and relationships than their mothers, the church and psychologically unstable friends did in years!

Interesting Stuff You Never Knew About The Pretty Little Liars

"Pretty Little Liars" is a screening of Sara Shepard books. The series follows the adventures of four girls - Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily - whose gang breaks after the disappearance of Alison.

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