Real Life "Iron Man" Glove That Really Works

The future is here! You can now have a powerful laser at their fingertips. Literally! A guy built an "Iron Man" glove with laser that actually works.

Squirrel Hides Nuts In A Bernese Mountain Dog's Fur

You need to see this! Squirrels may be the cutest and funniest animals out there! We all know they have a thing for nuts, but this squirrel have gone nuts!

13 Very Strange, But True And Interesting Facts

Hey, did you knew this? Apparently there are plenty of stuff we thought we are sure about, but, neah...we are continuously learning!

It's A Royal Cat, Alright! George, The Ginger Feline That Walks Around In 2 Legs

There's no one like him! If Garfield was more than happy to lay down on his fours, this cat shows humans it can do everything like them - even when it comes to walking!

This Extraordinary Underwater Museum Will Make You Speechless

The Cancun Underwater Museum known as MUSA is the worlds most famous underwater sculpture museum. This eco-project began in 2009 and now holds aver 500 life sized statues.

Women Can Now Customize Lingerie For Their Own Bodies

Most women don't have those perfect bodies, so finding cloths to fit them perfectly is really hard, not to talk about lingerie. But this problem was solved by Impish Lee.

This Cat Drinks Milk Directly From The Cow!

Cats love milk, but have you seen a cat having some milk from the cow, who is being milked? You need to see this!

Hilarious! Someone Draw Disney Princesses After "Kylie Jenner Challenge"

Instagram user, Saint Hoax, created some hilarious drawings. He pictured Disney princesses with Jenner's swollen lips.

Worst Idea! Guy Wears Fake Bomb In Promposal

An 18-year-old student strapped a fake bomb around his waist to ask a girl to prom. What happened next? He was unable to attend prom.

Spooky! Guy Actually Got A Tattoo With His Son's Face On His Face

Face tattoos are not the best idea. And here is an example: Christien Sechrist got a massive portrait of his son's face on his cheek.

First YouTube Video Was Uploaded 10 Years Ago

YouTube was born exactly 10 years ago! And, to celebrate it, we offer you the first video uploaded on the channel.

She Painted 11 Album Covers On Her Face!

In honour of the Record Store Day, Nathalie Sharp smudged, gunned, contorted and painted her face with 11 epic music album covers.

Trick Shots With Oreos And A Glass Of Milk

His name is Peter Bamforth and he makes trick shots using Oreo cookies and a glass of milk. Yes, you understood right. Just wach the video!

She Was Paralyzed, But She Surprised Nurse. See What She Did!

Doctors and nurses care about their patients more than we think. They leave a little piece of their heart in every ill person they help and this video is just another proof.

Everyone Gets Top Views In These Apartment With Rotating Floors

Not everyone can afford a home with a breathtaking view. But this problem just has a solution.

DIY Breast Cancer Test

Detecting cancer will soon be easier and cheaper thanks to one Silicon Valley startup.

No Boundaries! Couple Caught Having Sex In Russian White House Of Parliament

Every couple needs some changes from time to time for a good sex life, and this includes having sex outside the bedroom, too.

Love At First Sight Really Exists, Scientists Say

Approximately 51 percent of women and 41 percent of men don't even believe in love at first sight. But scientists say it exists.

Forget About The Mosque! This Is What You Should Really See, If You Go To Istanbul

Everyone comes back from Istanbul with the same story - it's such a beautiful city, with an amazing Blue Mosque and fascinating Bazaar. But they have no idea how refreshing is the modern part of the city!

11 Ways To Turn Maps Into Amazing DIY Home Decor

Maps may seem outdated, but there are ways to turn them into something ppretty cool with little imagination and handiness!

This Trick Will Make You Believe In Magic

Jamie Raven appeared on "Britain's Got Talent" and performed one of the greatest magic tricks you will ever see.

Terrifying Prank In The Subway! See The Scary Images Here!

Subways can be creepy for a lot of people. But how would you feel there were a ghost sitting next to you?

Kids Identify Their Moms Even If They Can't See

There is no one like mom! And you can recognize her in a million, just like these kids did, even if they were blindfolded.

Emotional Video! Fitness Trainer Shapes Her Body To Make It Perfect

Cassey Ho is a fitness instructor that is trying to show that you don't have to have a perfect body to be happy. You only need to feel good in your skin.

Little Monkey Absolutely Loves Makeup

Who knew animals need their dose of make-up? A monkey it's not a usual pet to keep at home, but there is something even more funny, she like to put make up on!

Moments After Was Born, His Cute Giraffe Took The First Steps!

Watch this baby giraffe at the Dallas Zoo learning to walk! Just moments after it was born, the cutie took the first steps and is doing great!

11 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You!

Having a bad they? We all do, but these people really had the worst of luck! Be careful when saying this couldn't happen to you :))

Adorable Shih Tzu Showing Off His Amazing Skills

Be impressed! This fuzzball is beyond the days of "sit" and "stay" and now it's showing all of us what a genius he is, playing around and showing off his geometry skills!

26 Doggy Pool Party Photos

Lucky pets get their very own doggy pool party. Crazy canines have a right laugh as they're let off the leash to go wild in the water with their four-legged friends.

You Need Impressive Muscles To Walk Here! The Steepest Street On Earth

If you aren't a fan of fitness gyms but rather a supporter of exercising in open air, you need to come here. One way or the other, you'll get in top shape by running this particular street!

"Kylie Jenner Challenge" Among Teens, Or How Big Can Get Your Lips

Teens can be easily influenced, and this isn't an exception. A lot of them are taking part in "The Kylie Jenner Challenge".

This Video Will Make Your Day! Miracle On The NYC Subway

We said "miracle" because acts of kindness are so rare nowadays. The video below is the proof that people can still be kind without expecting something in exchange.

Unbelievable! See How This Model Looks Just 4 Days After Giving Birth

Just a few days after giving birth, Sarah Stage uploaded some pictures that make most women green with envy. See them below.

He Deserved A Ticket, But He Got A Gift

A 13-year-old from Arizona got a new skateboard instead of a ticket. See why below

She "Died" While Giving Birth, Woke Up And Didn't Remember Anything

Hilary Wilson, 41, went into cardiac arrest while she was giving birth and, when she woke up she didn't remember being pregnant.

He Turned His Son With Down Syndrome Into Superman Using Photoshop

William Lawrence is an 1-year-old that was born with Down syndrome. But his father didn't want to let his condition get in his way of having a happy childhood.

Man Claims Cannabis Oil Cured His Cancer

David Hibbitt, 33, from England was told he only had only 18 months to live. But he claims he was cured after using cannabis oil.

Amazing! Artist That Paints Music

Melissa McCracken creates abstract masterpieces based on what she hears.

"50 First Dates" Made Life Easier For Dementia Patients

Actually, not the movie itself, but an idea from the movie.

Like A Boss! Gorilla Cracks Glass At Zoo After Girl Beats Her Chest

A gorilla nearly smashed through the glass after being taunted by a little girl at the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha, NE.

Skilled Teen Transform Herself Into Scary Characters Using Makeup

Eve Hirst was bullied by her classmates every day, so she found a way to stand up ti them. She uses makeup to transform her into scary characters.

She Wanted To Record A Song, But Her Cat Had Other Ideas

Australian country musician Ayleen O'Hanlon just wanted to record a song and play guitar for a while, but her cat couldn't help but join her.

Giant Realistic Cat Head, Cute Or Terrifying?

Not sure if the giant realistic wool cat heads are supposed to be cute or out of a nightmare? What do you think?

The Most Patient Owner In The World Walks A Giant Tortoise On The Street

If you walk around the streets of Tokyo, you may see an elderly man who takes his enormous African spurred tortoise out for walks!

She's So Dedicated As A Teacher, She Shaved Her Head. See Why!

Only dedicated persons can be good teachers, and here is one of the most dedicated of them. See below why this neuroscientist shaved her head.

Amazing! Meet The Guard Dogs That Understand Three Languages

Harrison K-9 Security Services imports and trains German shepherds to obey commands. They can understand English, German and hand signals.

Scary! Things You Didn't Know About Your Fake Tan

There is no secret that "fake tanning" as well as "normal tanning" are bad for your health. Besides the fact it makes you age quicker, it increases the risk of cancer.

The Best Thing You Never Tasted: The Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes Cake!

OMG! Such thing exists and I can't wait to try it myself: layered corn bread cakes with mashed potatoes, fried chicken on the top and gravy!

Amazing! You Won't Believe How This Pregnant Model Looks

Being pregnant doesn't mean you don't have to look amazing. And model Sarah Stage is the perfect proof.

He Takes 100 Pills A Day So He Can Live Forever And He Is A Google Executive

Ray Kurzweil, Google's director of engineering, is confident he'll live to see the day when immortality will be a certainty.

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