George Clooney And Amal, Honeymoon Ruined In Seychelles

After the wedding party in Venice, George and Amal Clooney took a flight to Seychelles. The married couple was stuck for two days by a tropical storm.

10 Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Scare The Crap Out Of Your Frenemies

You' ll get everybody's attention at any Halloween party with these tricks, guaranteed! Imagine the looks on your (fren)emies' faces! Sweet, sweet vengeance.

Watch And Learn: How To Make "the Walking Dead Pancakes"

If your friends are fans of "The Walking Dead" TV series surprise them with this pancakes next time you have breakfast together!

The Ugly Truth: How Fast Food Burgers Look Like After A Month

You just can't say NO to a warm, soft, spicy comfort food such as a BURGER! It's totally understandable, it might be the most common guilty pleasure of all.

It Took Years To Design, But Only 44 Hours To "Build" It. Here Is The World's First 3D Printed Car

Jay Rogers, the CEO of Local Motors, the company that just built the world's first 3D printed car known as the Strati, is sure that one day you'll be able to walk into a car dealership, choose a design and have a 3D printed car by the end of the day.

No Photoshop! Pictures With Celebrities In Real Life

You'll be surprised at what some celebrities look like without make up. Check out this pictures.

She's Only 9 Years Old, But You Wouldn't Want To Mess With Her! Amazing Video!

Discipline, dedication and a great Sensei are probably the ingredients for this kind of performance.

10 Most Popular Perfumes Worn By Female Cheaters

Infidelity smells strong and sensuous...Now you can recognise a cheater by the perfume he or she wears.

She Lived With A Leech In Her Nose For A Month

24 year old Daniela Liverani, from Scotland came home with an unexpected souvenir!

15 Pixar Rules For Making A Super Successful Animation

How did Pixar became such a success story? Well, like any other respectable company, they let their artists grow wings of imagination... within some boundaries.

Hang On For Dear Life! The Only Photo You're Going To Fall In

Vertigo Alert: you're going to feel dizzy after watching this photo for more than two seconds.

The 10 Commandments Of Facebook You Have To Respect. If You Still Want A Social Life

Everybody breaks them but not you! Make an effort and be the cool guy you pretend to be!

Celebrities And Their Pumpkin

What's even more popular than the Pumpkin Spice Latte? The Pumpkin Patch Festival! Celebrities love it!

Forever Young? Ten Tips Written By A Shaolin Monk

According to Shifu Yan Lei, a 34th generation Shaolin Gong Fu Master, the clock for life can be beat if you follow a few simple rules.

7 Irresistible Men... Products That We'd Love To Steal From Time To Time

Tell the truth: you've been caught shopping for men products time and time again. And, no, they weren't for your boyfriend!

Is Carrie Bradshaw Back?

Rumour has it Sex and the City 3 is in the works. Sarah Jessica Parker is teasing her fans on social media for weeks about a third Sex and the City movie.

Most Popular Vacation Destinations According To Instagram

Where did you spend your vacation? Did you bragged about it on Instagram?

Look At This Mess! Guilty Dogs, Funny Pictures

Make sure your puppy is getting enough attention and it has something to play with while you're gone. Otherwise, it might get bored and start to shred things.

Harry Potter Fans, I've Got News For You!

Do you miss Harry Potter's magical world?

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Should Try

Start your day better! Break the egg&bacon routine and put away that milk and cereal! This morning try something different and healthier.

It Looks Like The Most Awful Letter You Can Receive. Until You See Part 2

One letter of goodbye turns out to be the opposite seconds letter. Aw, the puzzles of love!

We Live In A Mad, Mad World: 7 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

From "biological dark matter" to the lamest boat ever built: these facts will make you question everything you thought you knew

Lazy Dog! This Puppy Can't Stand Mornings!

Not only humans have a hard time waking up in the morning. This puppy just refuses to get out of bed.

Only 8 Minutes And You'll Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Earth!

The people at Kurzgesagt do a great job of presenting the facts in an easy to understand way. It will only take you a few minutes to understand better the world you live in.

If They Fit, They Sit. Funny Pictures That Prove Cats Can Fit Anywhere

Have you ever left an empty box out and find your pet inside it? I'm pretty sure cat owners know what I'm talking about.

15 Most Stupid Names For Nail Polish

Here are some stupid names for nail polishes I just can't get over

Take A Closer Look At Snowflakes' Amazing Uniqueness And Perfection

Macro photographed snowflakes make you smile every time one melts on your warm skin.

Don't Underestimate A Curious Kitty!

This 8 months curious kitty is already hunting

12 Reasons Why You Should Live In Geneva

Thinking about leaving the States? You should consider Geneva

7 Most Unusual Combinations For Snacks

Would you dare to try them?

10 Ways Pure Coconut Oil Saves Your Beauty Budget!

Everybody's crazy about coconut oil! Victoria's secret models praise it as a great beauty secret, dermatologists include it in theirs formulas and if you ask every female celebrity about their beauty tricks, no doubt they'll mention the beloved coconut oil. You need to try this!

Top Designer Bags That Put The Q In Quirky

Their Selfie worth is invaluable, we promise.

5 Reasons Why The Popular Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Not So Good For You

What do we really know about Pumpkin Spice Latte?

The Anti-Snowman Look: 10 Fall Sweaters That Follow Your Waistline, Instead Of Hiding It

Wanna avoid the Michelin Man/Snowman look this year without freezing to death? Forget the skimpy leather jacket and the seven layers of clothing you totally relied on. Believe it or not, you can find a comfy sweater that keeps you warm without adding extra pounds.

You Might Love Classical Music After Seeing This!

We can definitely say that Sara X Mills has an unique way to interpret Mozart's classic serenade Eine kleine Nachtmusik.

Robert Downey Jr. Joins "Captain America 3"

Seems that Robert Downey Jr. is in the final stages of negotiations to play Iron Man in "Captain America 3", which will pit the two superheroes against each other in the popular "Civil War" storyline from the 2007 comic book series.

Old Tunisian Village Turned Into Outdoor Art Gallery

150 street artists from 30 countries around the world participated in Djerbahood, a massive public street art exhibition that displayed their 150 street art pieces on the walls of this old multicultural village.

New Set Photos: Jamie Dornan Is Back As Christian Grey

The actor was spotted in Vancouver, Canada for the reshoots over the weekend

You're Gonna Die For It: People's Ashes Turned Into Diamonds

Swiss Company turns people cremated remains into man-made diamonds that can be worn.

12 Funny Helpful Cats That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Being a helpful cat is not an easy task. Although it is known that they sleep 22 hours a day, cats can have many occupations.

Sleep In A Buble - Attrap Reves Hotel In France

A mom greatly passionate for design, her son graduated in hotel industry and her daughter specialized in multimedia publishing - the perfect combination for a successful family business.

Twenty Years Of Laughter With Friends Show

"Friends" came into our lives twenty years ago and changed it. It thought us what friendship really means, made us experience consistent laugh, fall in love with social coffee shops, long for a gossip sofa in a local bar, eagerly try to identify whom of your friends is any of the characters and eventually and most importantly become coffee addicts.

Top 9 Lazy Animals On The Planet

Would you ever compare you're life to a 'dog's life'? What about a donkey? What about any other animal? Here's 9 animals that you will consider change lives with, at least every Monday

Did You Know That We Are All Miracles? After Watching This You Will Know That Life Is Truly A Miracle

A 12 minutes video tracing human development from embryo to newborn through stunning microimagery.

The Most Beautiful And Strange Places In The World You Must See At Least Once In Your Life

There are some unique, breathtaking holiday destinations that you should see at least once in your life. Here's a list of five of them.

YouTube Blogger Proposal At His 1000th Video Post

This guy planned his proposal to his girlfriend for three months, recording a video for every first letter of the proposal "Chyna, will you marry me?" and posted them in reversed order so she could read the question in his video list backwards. The question mark was his 1000th video posted and got him almost 1 million views in just two days, more than any of the videos before. Check out the girlfriend's reaction!

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