See Why You Don't Need Caffeine To Stay Awake

The American Chemical Society's YouTube page, Reactions, uploaded an energy-hack video with steps you can take in order to stay awake at your work desk.

See How People React At Public Twerking

Of course we're talking about Lexy Panterra, a twerking icon. She teamed up with Whatever to prank people by twerking out in public. See the reactions below.

The Thing That Is Ruining Your Nails Day By Day

You're doing things by the book yet your nails are brittle and keep falling apart? Here is the mistake you're unknowingly making.

Funny! Couples Reveal Odd Behaviors

Reddit user delouchrey919 asked Reddit users what's the strangest thing you did with their partners. Check out the responses below.

Cat Visited A School So Much That They Let Him Become A Student

This cat loves hanging around school with students and found a way to win the hearts of teachers and students at Leland High School in San Jose, California, that it's now one of them!

Vacation Isn't Over! 6 Fabulous Places To Go This Fall

Before getting sidetracked by work and problems, get a last breather and head to a fall heaven one September weekend. These are our best seasonal recommendations:

Adorable! Look How New Mom Panda Mei Xiang Cuddles With Her Cub!

National Zoo in Washington got the best news from their momma panda, Mei Xiang - the 17 year-old gave birth to twins!

How You Eat Your Pizza Says A Lot About You As A Person

There is certainly no wrong way to eat pizza, we all have a persona style. Do you know that you're giving away actual clues about your personality when you're eating your pizza?

This Woman Had A Dance Before Beeing Arrested

A woman in Los Angeles led police on a high-speed pursuit in a stolen car, before ultimately being stopped and then doing a jig to "Where Ya At" by Future featuring Drake before she was arrested.

Teeth Grinding At Night? The Unexpected Solution

You're extremely stressed at work and feel it the following morning? If teeth grinding has become a problem, let us inspire you to find a solution!

The $1 Product That Can Replace Your Shampoo

Clean, lustrous hair can be achieved with just one product that will save you money and time!

Transforming Birthday Cake! For Real!

After seeing the images below, I swear I wish I would be a kid again. This is the coolest birthday cake I've ever seen. Check it out!

These People Tried Starbucks For The First Time, Look At Their Reaction!

Can you believe there are still people who haven't tried the popular Starbucks beverages yet? I mean, they are everywhere and coffee lovers are quite common!

This Bar In Sydney Uses Naked Women As Fruit Platters

The Cruise Bar in Sydney serves fruit on naked women's bodies, but customers weren't too thrilled. Check it out below

Find Out What Colors Look Best On You With A Simple Test!

Do pale blues or olive greens look great on everybody but you? Your skin tone is to blame. When dressing up, you have to take into account your natural complexion. Here's how to figure out what colors look best on you!

How Long Do Your Food Last After They're Opened?

Because we're often confused about how long our food last in the refrigerator, Chris Bernstein from the Food Safety Education arm of the Food Safety Inspection Service, will make that clear for us!

Who Said Dentists Aren't Cool? Look At This Music Cover Played On Dental Tools

YouTube user Andrew Huang had done it again! Look how he played "Can't feel my face" with dental instruments (pun intended)

Syrian Refugee Gets Over $70.000 After Photos With Him Went Viral

Pictures of a father selling pens on the street to provide food for his family went viral and let to a crowdfunding campaign. The man got over $70.000 for his family.

Bittersweet: Kids Try Dark Chocolate For The First Time

It took a few kids to call out dark chocolate of what it really is: a bittersweet lie that cannot be called candy! Thanks, kids, for pointing that out, we all felt the same!

Modern Love-story! Two People Got Together After Their Love Note On A Euro Became Viral

What is meant to be, it will be! And the story below is the perfect proof. Who would have thought that a love note on a Euro lost in the world could bring two people back together?

Want To Lose More Weight? See What You Need To Do

Scientists claim that if you want to easily lose weight, all you have to do is to drink a little water before all three meals.

Custom Wedding Shoes Are Every Bride's Dream!

Searching for the perfect shoes for the most special day of your life can be challenging! You want something flattering and yet special. These shoes are exactly perfect for every bride...

How Can Birth Order Affect Your Weight Gain

Genetics clearly affect your body shape, but did you know you lose more/less weight according to the order of your birth?

5 Free Beauty Tricks Celebrities Swear By

Did you know you can have poreless skin and curly lashes without spending one cent? These celebrities have told us the best secrets in the industry:

Harry Potter Magical Lipstick Collection Is The Ultimate Trend

Harry Potter fans will freak out! The "Magical Lipsticks" are here and feature names like: Sirius, Nagini, Lovegood, Bellatrix. Pick your signature lipstick!

This Adorable Puppy Lost Her Mind! See Why!

This pug returned to his mother's arms and she just lost her mind. See the incredible reaction in the video below! This is called true love!

How To Teach Yourself To Be A Morning Person

There is a saying, who gets up in the morning goes a long way! Indeed, being a morning person gets things done and lowers stress levels.

See What These Pornstars Say About Mean Comments

Jimmy Kimmel has created quite a few "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" videos in which... celebrities read mean tweets. This time was the turn of pornstars.

The 15-second Trick For Fuller, Longer Lashes

If you don't have much time on your hands but really need to step up your beauty game, try this super quick trick for a seductive look!

Incredible! She Is So Skilled She Can Turn Herself Into A Dog

We all know a cosmetics and skills can completely transform one person. But contouring queen Ilana Makeup Artist took this to another level.

Broke A Glass? The Easiest Way To Clean It Up Before The Wife Sees It

One moment of distraction and bam! The set of wine glasses will never look the same. How to cover up your mistake by the time she's home? Here's the trick to clean up shards of glass quickly

Hilarious! If You Need Some Advice For You're First Dates, Check Out This Little Girls

All women spend a lot of time getting ready for their first date with a new guy. And most of them are willing to take a good advice. In the video below, from some adorable little girls.

Proposal Turned Into Magic! Magician Uses Trick To Propose To His Girlfriend

His name is Neil Henry and he just "tricked" love. The magician started off the magic by eating alphabet noodles. See what happened next!

In Love With Coffee... The Face-Shaped Coffee Lids Took Coffee Drinking To Another Level

South Korean designer Jang WooSeok just created a new coffee lid designed to look like a real human mouth. So, every sip will seem a kiss.

Cancer Cells Can Be Turned Into Normal Cells. See How!

Scientists discovered a way to cure cancer. In fact they found a way to revert malignant cells back to their previous states.

So Clever! Twin Babies Fake Sleep When They Hear Their Mom's Voice

A video recently uploaded on YouTube shows baby twins fake sleep when they think mom is on the way.

The Guilt-free Pancakes Recipe You'll Never Stop Making

Don't give up on pancakes just because you're trying to lose weight! Switch that oatmeal with a recipe that will help you stay in shape

Clean Your Shower In Seconds! The One Tip You Need To Remember

Your shower doors looked spotless when you bought them, giving the illusion of a big bathroom and looking neat. Now they're splotchy and dirty and you spend hours cleaning them right. Here's how to NOT make all that effort again!

You Won't Believe This! How Many Cups Of Coffee You Should Drink Daily

There's nothing you love more in the morning than drinking a big cup of black coffee. In the afternoon, you don't mind a cappuccino but always hesitate, since it might damage your health. Now, experts say to leave those worries behind you!

14 Of The Most Dangerous Foods For Your Dog

Sure, you want to share everything with your buddy, but that' not always a good idea for your dog. These aliments can be very harmful for your dear pet's health!

Woman Gives Her Brother A Blow*** Without Knowing It

Siblings and professional porn actors Madeline Madison and Chuck Tang booked a gig with Come-And-Go Productions titled "Milk Maids 2". But they ran into each other on the set.

13 Hilarious Wedding Photos That Will Be Remembered Forever

Everybody wants their wedding photos to be just perfect, as the weeding itself. But the silly pictures and the goofy mishaps are the most fun part of the wedding actually!

"Suicide Squad" Has Lemonade From This Girl's Stand

Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney, who play Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang, respectively, scheduled a trip to a lemonade stand run by 5-year-old Na'ama Uzan.

Photographer Explores The Beauty Of Redheads

Beauty means being unique, it does not have a stereotype. People are beautiful regardless their origins, skin or hair colour, weight and height. And this photographer knew better when he created this project!

How To Make Peanut Butter Cookies With Only 3 Ingredients

It doesn't get any easier than this! This video will teach even the most untrained cook how to make delicious peanut butter cookies in no time, with just 3 ingredients!

Twerking Woman Is Back!

Lexy Panterra is back. In a recent video, uploaded on YouTube, you can see her twerking.

Wtf? This Guy Ended Up Surrounded By Kangaroos

It happened in Australia, of course! Ben Vezina decided to hit record during a recent bike ride when a mob of kangaroos surrounded his trail.

The Craziest Way To Feel Happier As You Read This Title

Scientists found a new and extremely weird way of boosting your mood instantly!

Never Trust A Stranger! Experiment Shows They Will Help A Lying BF

A social experiment showed that guy will always help each other. Even if they don't know each other.

The Best Drug Commercial You've Ever Seen

Looking for a miracle drug that can relieve frustration, stress, chronic fatigue? Why don't you try NATURE?

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