What Happens If You Eat Two Boiled Eggs For Breakfast?

Boiled eggs have many benefits for our body and are one of the best foods you can eat in the breakfast.

People Ate Dog Food Without Knowing

We're talking about a trick Freshpet played on some people in order to prove the food it provides is of passable quality.

Creepy! Google May Soon Be Able To Record Our Memories

The technology would be available in a wearable device similar to Google Glass. In other words, a user's entire day could be recorded in a single video.

You Wouldn't Want To Live It! Plane Landing During A Storm

Lots of people are afraid of flying, and the video below will make you reconsider, too. At least for a while.

Unbelievable! Woman Killed By Broken Escalator

A woman in China was killed when she fell into an escalator. Seconds before, she managed to save her son from a similar fate.

Perfect Eyebrows With These Eyebrow Extensions

Always wanted those perfect shaped eyebrows? Now you have the perfect solution. We're talking about eyebrow extensions ant it's easier than you might think.

Barbie Meets Da Vinci In This Recreated Famous Classic Paintings

Catherine Thery, a French artist, recreated some of the world's most famous classic paintings using Barbie dolls and one Ken doll.

Hammerhead Shark Saved By Two Brothers

Two brothers removed fishing hooks from a dying hammerhead shark and released it back into the ocean.

Plus-Size Model On The Cover Of Running Magazine

Running isn't a thin person's sport. This is the message the magazine wants to be seen with this August's cover.

Have You Ever Tried Watermelon On The Grill?

Watermelon, the summertime staple is great on the grill! Served with cheese, nuts, red onions and and some fresh mint, the ultimate summertime appetizer!

The 5 Ways Starbucks Is "Robbing" Us!

The very popular coffee chain is one of the most expensive ones and despite their prices they are polarising. Because of this and their cost efficiency of brewing your own coffee, Starbucks is making money like crazy!

There Is Now A Poop Emoji Ring! How Do You Like It?

Emojis are everywhere, so why wouldn't they be put on rings instead of a stone? Would you rather wear a poop emoji ring instead of a classic stone ring?

The Best Way To Make Instant Coffee Taste Better

Ice coffee is our best friends during summer at the office or just when we hand around with a friend at home. It provides the energy we need and it can be really delicious!

10 Surprising Animal Facts That Are Actually Cute!

Forget about those depressing animal facts! Animals are actually amazing and there are so many thing we don't know about them yet! These cool facts will put a smile upon your face!

He Took Engagement Photos With A Burrito!

As a response to countless engagements, San Francisco-based writer David Sikorsky took some romantic engagement pictures with his one true love,

Couple Recreates Wedding Photos To Celebrate Anniversary

True love never fades and recreating the wedding photos 40 years later is just the perfect proof.

Flowers Have Appeared At Fukushima And They Are Mutant!

After nuclear disasters, all lifeforms are affected. And this is the case of Fukushima. The first plants started growing, but they are deformed.

Being A Father Can Make You Fat

That's no joke! A new study proved becoming a father does, in fact, lead to weight gain.

She Photographed Her Daughter In The Same Settings!

A photographer mother made her daughter and her dog the subject of a cool photo session by she immortalised them in the same context.

These People Describing What Love Is Will Melt Your Heart

They were asked: "What does love means to you" and their answers, but mostly how they feel about this question will restore your faith in humanity!

Bathroom Pranks That Prove There's Nowhere You Can Hide

April's Fool is the most popular month for pranks just like bathrooms are for pranksters! We are officially not safe even in the intimacy of our bathroom!

Couples Describe Each Other To A Police Sketch Artist. You Can't Imagine The Result!

You're curious how your partner sees you? Ask him to describe you to a police sketch artist. The result is beyond your imagination.

He Has Trouble Sleeping At Home So He Packs Up And Goes To The Mountains

Simon, a 27-years-old boy from Slovakia having some issues with sleeping at home found the solution to his problem in the middle of the nature, at the mountains.

"Girls And Their Cats", NY Women And Their Cats Beautifully Photographed

BriAnne Will captured New York women and their cats with his beautiful project "Girls and their cats" and it's been well received!

Man In Water Balloon! Literally!

The YouTube channel is renowned for its slow-motion videos.

Need A Holiday Destination? Check Out This Video And You'll Fall For Sri Lanka

Sebastian Linda, the man who decided to quit his job, marry his girlfriend and venture to Sri Lanka. And in the video below, he probably wanted to show the world the reasons that made him do it.

Pictures Of Nirvana's First Show In 1987 Went Viral

Maggie Poukkula recently tweeted photos she found of her dad performing with Kurt Cobain. As you can imagine, the pictures went viral.

The Magic Tree Is Real And It Grows 40 Different Kinds Of Fruit

It's called Tree of 40 Fruit and it was invented by Sam Van Aken. He used a technique called chip grafting to come to this result.

Date While You Wait For The Subway!

This new-yorker had the brilliant idea of making public transportation and waiting more fun and bearable. We are impressed!

10 Tips For Packing Up Like A Pro

Packing? Who ever likes that? It seems like we need all that stuff but how is that going to fit in the bag? The nightmare begins!

Protect Your Skin From UV Rays And Burning From The Inside

We all know it's very important to protect our skin from UV rays and burning. And we can do that with sunscreen. But, with the right diet, we can have the best protection.

Woman Killed By Lightning A Week After Her Wedding

The woman was struck by lightning just six days after her wedding. Kathleen Bartlett and her husband were hiking Colorado's Mount Yale when the bolt struck them both.

Insane Japanese Game Show! A Woman Was Attacked By A Bear!

The Japanese gameshow is called "Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ!", a popular TV show. In the images below, you can see a woman inside a glass cube that is being attacked by a bear. The bear is overturning it causing the girl to panic.

These Are The Most Popular Selfies. See Why!

These two sisters are taking selfies with all of the presidential candidates. In this way, Addy and Emma Nozell, using their Twitter account, honor the upcoming elections.

She Thought She Was Pregnant, But She Actually Had A Tumor

Louise Bryant and her doctor thought she was pregnant. In fact, her "pregnancy " turned out to be a huge tumor on her ovary.

Having A Difficult Time? Read These 20 Quotes That Will Lift You Up

We all have our ups and downs. There is no question about that. Mostly, the times we feel messed up, it's because we can't forgive ourselves when we do something wrong. And these quotes below are ment to lift us up.

The Most Amazing Tribute: Photographer Shares His Love For His Dog

"When someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy."

A Woman Was Filmed Giving Birth In The Car

22-year-old Lesia Pettijohn from Texas, gave birth to a 10-pound baby boy in her car on the way to the hospital. Her husband caught on tape the entire event.

Awesome! The Drone That Drops Sweet Gifts To People

The sweet gifts really "fall out of the sky". How can this be possible? Well, thanks to folks over at I Like Giving.

6 Year Old Girl Nailed These Insane Trick Shots!

Sinking a trick shot is extremely difficult, but for this talented little girl there wasn't any problem at all! Her name is Riley and she is adorable!

Makeup Artist Turns Into 4 Kardashians In 2 Minutes

Makeup artist Kandee Johnson recreates four of the Kardashian's faces in a very interesting video uploaded on YouTube.

Shocking! Man Found Dead In Demi Moore's Swimming Pool

A 21-year-old man died this weekend in Demi Moore's pool. Seems that he slipped and fell into pool.

What Your Birth Month Says About Your Sex Life

If you choose your partners based on their signs, make sure you read this!

America's Most Absurd French Fries Creations!

Americans are the best at fast food, or the worst judging by these hilarious creations. French fries didn't got away with it either and here's the most hideous ones!

15 Brilliant Life Hacks You Wish You Knew By Now

Having access to information never been easier! Nowadays you can just "google it" and your life is easier. So it is with these fantastic life hacks we just got for you!

Man Shares Story Of How He Plotted To Catch Her In The Act

He knew something was definitely up was when she went out "to get milk" at 11:30 at night and didn't come back until 2 in the morning. So he decided to catch her in the act!

The Worst Wedding Fail: Look What Happens To This Woman After Entering The Room!

This bridesmaid will never say "YES" to another bride in her life!

You Have To See This! Bad Girl Cara Delevingne Is Amazing At Beatboxing!

Cara Delevingne is an amazing model and all stars' best friend. Recently, she proved she can make for a promising actress and... beatbox singer! Shocking, right?

Quiet People Are Smarter

You talk less than your friends? Don't feel sorry about that. Science says you're smarter? How come? Find out below.

Long After Being Decapitated, This Fish Does Something Unexpected!

There's nothing like fresh fish! Couldn't agree more! We choose to buy buy while is still alive, to make sure is fresh, but it's worth the struggle?

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