The Clip That Gave Pole Dancing A Good Rep! More Than Sexy Moves, On Dubstep Music

"Why is this not an Olympic event, when bowling is?" - this YouTube commentary convinced us the girl knows what she's doing! See pole dancing, at its finest!

They're Swinging Like Toddlers! 7 Dogs That Will Beat The Monday Blues

When was the last time you used a swing? Probably many years ago. Well, these dogs are here to remind you that the joys of childhood are the perfect weapons to fight boredom, tasks and ultimately, life?

Real Life Spider Man Climbs Walls With His Bare Hands

His name is Jyoti Raju and he is renowned for his ability to scale buildings with his bare hands. His next challenge? The world's tallest skyscraper.

Check-in To Virtual Reality Trips

A hotel in San Francisco offered 4D tours that simulate the reality of visiting exotic locations.

Thanksgiving Appetizers To Die For!

The Thanksgiving fever is here! You don't wanna miss the appetizers part, they are perfect for drinks and socializing!

5 Amazing National Parks To Visit In The Winter

Landscapes can be wonderful during winter as well. Take a trip to one of these "winter wonderlands"!

Pain Of Childbirth Was Experienced By Men In A China Hospital

The initiators of the project hope the experience will make men more sensitive to their partners during labor.

Scary! What Texting Does To Your Back

Are you wondering why does your back hurt so much lately? And your neck seems always tense? The answer might be in your phone!

Hilarious Flyers That You'll Want To Take Home

Next time, you see a missing person flyer, don't walk past it. Give it a long glace in case it's one of these paper pranks.

The Ultimate Guide For A Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving it's just around the corner, start your dinner plan!

The Most Well Guarded Recipes In The World

Companies managed to guard their recipes extremely well for decades, mostly becouse they build empires out of them.

Apple That Tastes Like Fizzy Drink? Yes, It's Possible

Imagine that you bite an apple and you taste a fizzy drink. Specialists created the Paradis Sparkling Apple by cross-breeding two different apple varieties.

Cutest Video Ever! A Dog Is Teaching A Baby How To Jump

A video with a baby learning the jolly jumper and the family's dog is viral on Youtube.

Hilarious! When It Comes To Booze, A Kitty Can't Say No!

This kitty has quickly learned the art of sipping champagne!

Tips For The Perfect Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie!

This year you are going to nail it! Your pumpkin pie will be perfect at last.

10 Hot Chocolate Recipes That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Wanna stir things up a little bit, at least when it comes to your favorite winter beverages? Start with your hot chocolate!

No One's So Ambitious Like Him! Ferret Wants To Fly

This ferret is keen on getting his fluffy fur on the ironing board. But how will he go there without any sort of ledge? He's gonna fly, of course!

12 Rings For Special, Quirky Brides To Be

The woman you love is more special than any other person you've ever met. It's only natural you'd want to give her the most original engagement ring you can find. Our 12 suggestions below suit 12 very different personalities!

6 Beauty Products To Make Your Flight Better

You don't want to look exhausted after a long flight, keep it fresh with this helpful products!

Strangest Lights! Mysterious Flashes On Russian Sky

The witness said he was driving near Yekaterinburg in the evening when the flash of light turned the sky in orange and red.

"A Place To Go, Please" Or How To Drink A Foreign City

What if I told you that you can take home the charming atmosphere of a place or a foreign city? All you have to do is set the mood!

Sweetest Letter You've Ever Seen! Little Boy Apologizes To His Mother For Eating In Bed

Maybe the thought that Santa only has gifts for good kids, made this little boy write this letter. But it doesn't matter, the letter is one of the funniest I have ever seen.

How Pizza Looks Around The World

The pizza in your town may be entirely different in other countries.

Scary Video: Tallest Roller Coaster In The World. Would You Ride It?

We're talking about The Skyplex, that will open in Orlando Florida in 2016. The roller coaster will stand 570ft high.

What Coffee Shops Looked Like Back In The Days

Now Starbucks it's everywhere and had taken everyone's hearts. But how coffe shops used to be before Starbucks?

They're The Ones Who Bring The Best In All Of Us

No matter what job you have, how old you are or what lemons life gave you, you'll smile like a child when you see this clip!

Expert, Mystified By A 1300 Years Old Structure On Siberian Lake

Although the fortress-like structure was studies for over a century, experts can't tell for what it was designed.

This Japanese Woman Puts Extreme Sports Fans To Shame! Her Cycling Skills Are Insane!

No matter how used you are to cycling tricks, you'll definitely find this woman's routine extraordinary!

Most Daring Spring 2015 Shoes. You Won't Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off Them

2015 will be a great year - at least if you consider the shoes. Designers really moved out of their comfort zone with pieces that are both daring and original!

Nobody Loves Water Rides Like They Do! 1,2,3, Go!

Did you think only children would stay in line to go on a water ride? Wroooong! These little fellas are just as excited!

A Story That Sounds Like Horror Movie Plot

A young actress was found hanging from a noose inside a haunted house at Creepy World in Fenton. It seems it was an accident.

10 Geniuses Who Got Inspired After Using Drugs

We all know that using drugs means a lot of risks, but there are certain benefits too, if we can call them this way. They expant the creative part of the mind, so not a few of the most famous geniuses are known to have been turned to drugs.

Giant Body Spotted Behind Saturn. Viral Video

A video recently uploaded on youtube gave UFO fanatics some good themes to discuss. The images show a huge body, that appears to be a planet, behind Saturn.

It's Not A Joke! People Often Call 911 To Help Them Get Out Of This Maze

We're talking about Cool Patch Pumpkins corn maze, in California. It's the biggest corn maze in the world, created by brothers Matt and Mark Cooley as a Halloween attraction.

'Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab?'

The parody of Disney's 'Frozen' feat. 'Breaking Bad' is quite emotional, yet very funny, but careful! It could be a spoiler for those who haven't finished the series.

Strangest Disease! Woman Grows Fingernails Instead Of Hair

Shanyna Isom suffers from a skin condition that causes fingernails to grow out of the hair follicles all over her body. Specialists say she is the only person in the world suffering from this condition

Mysterious Stars In The Eyes Of A Blind Owl

A rescued owl impressed the staff members of Wildlife Learning Center in California with his mystical-looking stars in his eyes

Curious How Natalie Dormer Would Like To Die On 'game Of Thrones'?

The actress had specific preferences when it comes to her character's death.

Josh Hara's Parody Of Kim Kardashian Is The Best!

Remember the illustrator who used Starbucks cups as drawing material? He's got something for us!

Ssstttt! The 2015 Pirelli Calendar Is Here!

As is getting colder outside, here is something to warm up the atmosphere! The Pirelli Calendar 2015 is here and it keeps getting hotter.

Jim Carrey's 'Chandelier' Dance Is Better!

On 'Saturday Night Live', the comedian Jim Carrey dresses like the girl from Sia's music video - 'Chandelier' and accompanied by Kate McKinnon, performs the popular dance.

World's Smallest Marmoset Enjoys Toothbrush Massage!

This marmoset was born deaf and rejected by her parents. But now the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation spoils the tiny creature.

15 Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Believe it or not, while celebrities are often idolized, several famous people and celebrities have killed other people.

19 Countries Visited In 24 Hours. See Who Set The New World Record

Three Noerwegians friends set a new world record. They visited the most number of countries in only a day.

Inspirational Decorations For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, you have to set the holiday mood.

The Most Sparkling Car You've Ever Seen. It's Covered With One Million Swarovsky Crystals

A Russian teenager spent 30.000USD to coat her luxury vehicle in a million Swarovski crystals.

"E-Traces", The Device Which Traces The Physical Movement Of Dancers

Lesia Trubat, designer and dancer, came up with the idea of E-Traces, device affixed to the bottom and sides of a dancer's shoe. You need to see this!

Husband Secretly Films Wife Rapping

A wife, secretly shot by her husband, was caught rapping along with the 1993 song, "None of Your Business" by the hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa.

8 Simple Thanksgiving Desserts To Impress Your Guests

Thanksgiving is near, so let's think about the dinner, where the dessert is the STAR!

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