Be Careful What You're Shopping For! The Truth About "Nude"

If you're about to jump on the "nude" bandwagon, be careful what you're getting yourself into. The color "nude" is differently interpreted by brands and designers and it holds a secret one firm just recently dared to unveil!

Adorable Baby Squirrel Gets Adopted By Humans After Being Badly Injured

This is an emotional story: a family in Finland adopted and raised an injured red squirrel they found and lived with it for 6 years. You need to see the pics of the adorable creature doing stuff around the house!

11 Amazing Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

These SOS fashion hacks will actually save the day! So you'll better take notice of some of the most efficient fashion hacks to solve any clothing emergencies.

Grandmas Don't Know How To Get Rid Of It, Young Women Can't Have Enough Of It!

Women run away from old age. It's in their nature to preserve their youthful appearance - glowing skin, plump lips, free-of-wrinkles eyes... but there's one thing they disagree about - hair!

On April's Fools, You Will Smell Like A Hamburger!

On this April's Fools you need a sick sense of humor. It's the only way you'll find this Japanese joke funny!

Abandoned Kitten And Puppy Become Best Friends

Chip and Adele, a puppy and a kitten, were abandoned by their families, but, since the day they met, they became unseparable.

Man Gets Lottery Ticket From Dad And Wins $7 Million

Joseph Amorese was ill, so his dad sent him a "Get Well Soon" card with a lottery ticket in it. A winning lottery ticket.

Police Beats A Man During Routine Traffic Stop

A January 28 video shows three police officers beating and tasering 57-year-old Floyd Dent. The man had no criminal record.

The App That Lets You Create An Emoji Of Yourself

Now, you can send a cartoon version of yourself to express emotions via text message.

Don't Fight It! Gift Ideas For Your Gamer Boyfriend

We know you don't get it - his passion for games, that is. But instead of fighting against it at every step, take a break and surprise him with one gift he'll really love!

The Boys Are Back! "Entourage" Movie Trailer Is Finally Here

You wondered what happens with your favorite group of guys? Well, you're about to find out.

Cat Tries To Soothe Down A Restless Baby It A Funny Way

Of course, you may say cats are not the best pets, more likely they tend to be selfish and unavailable. But this one is actually compassionate and nice!

One Third Of Women Fakes Orgasms Instead Of Envoying Sex

In a study run by Cosmopolitan, 67 percent of the questioned women said they have, at one point, faked an orgasm.

Unbelievable! Aspiring Models Tricked Into Wearing Poop-Scented Perfume

There is nothing an ambitious girl wouldn't do if she wants to become a renowned model. Even if this means wearing a poop-scented perfume.

The Odds Of A Plane Crash Are One In 11 Million. Still Afraid To Fly?

Most people feel nervous about flying. Well, they should know this is the safest way to travel.

Happy Birthday, Frappuccino! For Its 20 Year Old Anniversary, Starbucks Launches The Best Flavor!

A new flavor for Frappuccinos? Yes, it's happening! Starbucks has waited for the perfect moment to give its fans what they've always wanted!

The Instagram Account Your Parents And Teachers Will Beg You To Follow

Instagram isn't a place for selfies and food porn, exclusively. One user is making this social network brainy by taking pictures with... her books!

Nothing Can Stop Her, Not Even Scoliosis! This Is How One Ballerina Fights Against Her Condition

Gigi Crouch doesn't know what it's like to give up. That's because for the one love of her life, ballet, she's fighting even with a disease!

Take Your Pick! 10 Gorgeous Swimsuits You Have To Rock This Summer

Summer is coming, no matter what the weather "says". Sooner or later, you'll be vacationing on an exotic island or taking advantage of the beautiful places nearby. Either way, you'll need this must-have item - a swimming suit!

For This Woman Coffee Represents Art Material

Maria A. Aristidou, an artist and illustrator based in Cyprus and the U.K., has discovered a new way to create art. Since she already loved coffee, she had the brilliant idea of using it as art material.

These Pictures Are The Perfect Reminder That Coincidences Do Exist!

Coincidences can be funny, some of them are just better than jokes! Look around you, life it's full of this kind of pranks meant do put a smile upon your face!

Michelle Obama And Ellen DeGeneres Break It Down

First lady Michelle was recently invited to The Ellen Show. She celebrated the five-year anniversary of her "Let's Move" campaign to end childhood obesity. And she did move.

Force Fields Might Soon Become Reality

Boeing actually has a plan and a patent for creating force fields. In other words, it invented an usable force field.

Funny Dog! He Can't Catch Food In His Mouth

We would assume that catching food in his mouth is piece of cake for any dog. But there are some of them that suck at doing these things.

It's A Planet, It's A Globe, It's... Not What You Believe! One Celebrity Blew Everybody's Mind With This Trick

What appears to be the image of a distant planet, of the sky or even our planet proved to be an entire different thing on American Idol!

Heartmelting! The Balloon With A Message To Late Husband

Imgur user DocCrowl uploaded photos of a balloon he found carrying a widow's message of loss and love to her late husband.

Instagram Doesn't Waste Time! Their Newest App Changes The Way You Post

Instagram has eyes and ears. The popular app's developers know exactly what their customers want and how do they get it. Seeing that the majority use other apps for features that should be available in Instagram already, the team decided to make one major addition to the App Store!

Colorblind People See Color For The First Time With Incredible Glasses

A simple-looking pair of glasses can do amazing things for colorblind people. A heartwarming documentary shows people's reactions when they see colors for the irst time.

Best Dad Ever Dresses As Elsa For His Girl

There is nothing in the world a dad wouldn't do for his daughter. Even if this means he has to ride the tube in London dressed as Elsa from "Frozen"

6 Unreal Pictures Of Dogs On Mirror

Believe it or not, the images below aren't photoshopped. If they look unreal is because of the incredible talent of the photograph.

She Takes On Attacker Alone And Drags Him To Police Station

A woman in India was attacked by a drunk man. Becouse nobody on the street came to her rescue, she took on the attacker alone.

13 Water Balloons For Insane Hairstyles

Photographer Tim Tadder used water balloons to create incredible hairstyles on his bald models.

11 Adorable Dogs Wearing Pyjamas

Pyjamas are not just for humans! Everyone wants to get comfy in their PJ's now and then, and dogs make no exception. Look how great these puppies look in their bed time clothes!

One Experience You Won't Forget! This Bike Ride Helps You Cross The Sky At A Height Of 196 Feet

Want to have a wild vacation, in the utmost secluded spot on Earth, but with all the luxuries money can buy? One insane lodge and an even more impressive bike ride can make your dream come true!

Have A Break, Have A Kit Kat... Sandwich

There is a Kit Kat sandwich! The food is being sold in Japan for a limited time. And yes, it looks as good as it sounds.

The Drug That Turns You Into Compassionate Person

There is a drug that could actually turn you into a more caring person.

The Ability To Trust People Increases As We Get Older

Old age might bring wisdom and wrinkles, but it also brings trust. Or at least, this is what researchers claim.

Scientist Discovered A Cute, Cartoon Character Alike Creature!

Meet the newly discovered vampire crab from Indonesia! It's purple and cute, resembling a cartoon character, and absolutely unique!

No More Embarrassing Dinners For Singles! Dine Out Alone At A Restaurant Made For You

If you've been reluctant to dine out, preferring to order take-out, we have a good news for you - the embarrassing reservation for one can be successfully avoided if you choose this restaurant!

Cuteness Warning: Fuzzy, Sleepy Duckling Is Beyond Adorable!

This cute little duck is apparently exhausted, so a nap is on the way every few seconds! Look how much the duckling enjoys a lazy day in the park!

One Misstep And You're Gone! The World's Largest Cave

Crossing the Laos jungle can bring you one step closer to death - literally! A peril more present than wild animals is Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world!

Cute Puppies Learn The Hard Way Bees Are Their Enemies

When you're little, the world is your oyster. You smell, taste, see, discover with your own senses what surrounds you without limits and rules. Or at least, this is how these puppies perceived their first months of life - only to find out about... bees!

Little Boy Gets Long-Lost Postcard From Dad Who Died Two Years Ago

Rowan Torrez lost his father two years ago to a rare brain disease, but an unexpected letter arrived just days before the anniversary of his death.

Girls Run The World! The Fairytale Story With A Princess Who Saves Herself

Prince Charming saving the Princess is an outdated scenario! Here is the Princess who didn't need a man to rescue her.

Emotions Made Coach Fall From Chair

Georgia State's game-winning against Baylor was insane. Winning coach Ron Hunter learned that on his own.

Easy Access For Your Partnen Through A Hidden Zipper In These Pants

PlayPants are denim pants with front pockets that zip open. What for? That's simple: for a kinky partner who wants to give a "hand".

Floating Home Is The Perfect Place To Live

Finding a home that is both beautiful and envirnmental friendly it's preety difficult. Or it was, becouse we have a solution for yoy.

Heartbreaking! See A Doctor's Reaction To Losing A 19-Year-Old Patient

Doctors lose patients every time, but this doesn't mean they are used to or they don't care. And the pictures below show how hard they suffer for their patients.

Sex And The City, A Never Ending Fountain Of Humor! Look At The Most Hilarious Deleted Scenes

Eleven years ago, we saw Carrie strutting in New York, with shopping bags in hand, speaking full of hope to her Mr. Big, known then and there as John. We weren't ready to say goodbye so why say it at all?

Edible D*cks For Your Enemies

Can't stand someone? Send his a gift as a... bag of edible dicks. The "dicks" from Dicks By Mail are actually gummy candies, but they are the best way to send a message.

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